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Tobi Olanihun, Event Experience Expert, Launches TEPS Virtual events Platform: Here’s how to Register

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One of  Nigeria’s leading events experiences curators and events management company, WOW! Connect has expressed its readiness to address existing gaps in the provision of value to stakeholders in the events industry with the launch of The Experience Plug Systems (TEPS) on April 12th, 2022.

Events are crucial in many industries and corporate brands, event planners and entrepreneurs can reap many benefits both from attending or hosting them. The ability to bring people together and create shared experiences is extremely vital and this is the value that The Experience Plug Systems (TEPS) is bringing to the fore.

CXO at WOW!Connect and founder of TEPS, Tobi Olanihun

The launch will bring together event professionals and key industry solution providers via an in-person event that will also happen simultaneously online. It will also consist of a panel of seasoned event professionals from across Africa and America, discussing the power of the first impression and revolutionizing the attendee experience, one-to-one business meetings, and valuable networking opportunities.

“The event value chain which consists of event objectives, event design, event execution, and event execution still requires plenty of development for the events industry to keep growing and this is one of the reasons TEPS was created to enable first-time event owners/organizers and seasoned event professionals to automate the attendee journey,” said Tobi Olanihun, Chief Experience Officer of WOW! Connect and Founder of TEPS.

From how they sign up for an event be it virtual or physical to the in-person check-in experience on-site, TEPS ensures that those events, be they parties, plays, musicals, films, and other ceremonies are properly managed to the satisfaction of the people who pay for them.

Tobi Olanihun shared that TEPS was part of her moves to diversify the event experience for guests whilst paving the way for a seamless event system that gives the guest/attendee the ultimate experience.

“I dislike not getting pertinent information about an event on time with an intelligent email system. This propelled my team and I to design the key elements of an event from the eye of the attendee, addressing those pain points that can turn a satisfied attendee into an ambassador of your brand”

On the benefits of The Experience Plug Systems, the expert event manager who also serves as the VP of Education & Programs International Live Events Association (ILEA) Nigerian chapter added that in today’s world event attendees expect a certain kind of technological advancement in their experiences.

“They expect ease, clarity, and almost no wait time in every phase of the event journey. They expect timely information and they want the experience to be immersive, they want to feel that you thought about them. TEPS makes sure that your attendee gets all the above and so much more.” she added.

To attend the launch event and try out the TEPS platform, interested guests can click to register free from all over the world

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