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Nigeria’s “A Place Called Forward” & “Earth Women” Among Official Selections for The NGO International Film Festival 2022

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The NGO International Film Festival (NGOIFF) has announced the selection of 100 films that will be shown in the 2022 edition in Nairobi, Kenya.

CSR-In-Action’s docudrama “Earth Women“, which focuses on the issues faced by women in extractive communities, and Umanu Elijah‘s short film “A Place Called Forward on the influence of toxic carbonate pollution on climate change are among the 10 Nigerian titles in the selected 100.

This proves that Nigerian storytellers are not limited to Nollywood’s entertainment perspective.


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This year’s selection, which was picked from an unprecedented amount of 2071 submissions from 123 nations and 1400 organisations, will screen during a three-day festival scheduled for October 19–21, 2022.

Covid, Conflict, and Climate Change will be the focus of this year’s official selection, which will include a variety of narrative styles, genres, and approaches to the festival’s central theme. In keeping with the festival’s mission, the official selection will include human-centred tales that strive to address socially relevant subjects along the 17 SDGs.

This year, a jury of eight people—Christian Clark, Onome Ako, John Allan-Namu, Natalie Kyriacou, Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, Danee Hamaza, Rania Al Jabban, and Lance Gould—will decide which films will be shown at the festival.

It’s the first festival of its type, and it’s here to collect and share unique stories connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The festival brings together hundreds of advocacy intervention-driven multimedia material in an effort to bridge the gap and offer a chance for exchanging knowledge, information, and conversations about humanitarian and development projects.

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