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AFMUA 2023: Africa’s Finest Make Up Artist Contest is Here | Get the Details

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The world has seen an increase in  ‘contests’  designed to celebrate different areas of skilled work like; chefs, hair stylists, fashion stylists/designers, artists, etc. AFMUA was set up to bring more recognition to ‘the art of makeup’. the contest hopes to provide an opportunity for makeup artists to demonstrate their skills and challenge themselves with their creativity, thereby putting them in the spotlight where they can be seen and celebrated by the global community.

The AFMUA mission is to support the marginalized in the beauty industry in Africa and create a means of networking amongst industry stakeholders within the region and beyond. AFMUA‘s mission is to recognise excellence, talent, and creativity in Africa’s beauty industry professionals, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who their clients are.

About the AFMUA Contest 

The AFMUA contest, which is fully known as ‘Africa’s Finest Makeup Artist Contest’, seeks to elevate makeup artists in Africa. the aim is to empower talents with the values and opportunities they need to grow and build their brand in the global beauty market.

It is a makeup competition focused exclusively on celebrating the work of African makeup artists from all over Africa and in the diaspora. AFMUA contest is created to give every makeup artist an equal opportunity to shine and become global.

AFMUA 2023 will hold virtually from the registration process to the announcement of the winners, hence you can participate from wherever you are in the world. AFMUA will serve also as a training platform, as all participants will be paired into groups and assigned renowned makeup artists as their coaches, who will mentor and tutor them on all things makeup throughout the competition.

Contestants will compete individually but will be trained in groups. So, you are not just coming to compete but also to learn so much from the vast knowledge of industry professionals.


As earlier stated, AFMUA seeks to put African makeup artists in a place where they can be seen and recognized by the global market and empower them with ideas and opportunities. Apart from these, other benefits come from participating in and winning the AFMUA contest. Cash and other makeup items will be given to the winners, from the ‘1st to the 5th position’, as follows;

AFMUA’s overall winner will be awarded: A cash prize of N550,000, Neewer 2 piece bi-colour 660 LED video light, a stand kit, professional makeup chairs, and a professional makeup case filled with makeup goodies from amazing brands.

1st runner-up will be awarded: A cash prize of N200,000, a portable makeup case, and makeup goodies from luxurious brands.

2nd runner-up will be awarded: A cash prize of N100,000, a makeup train case, and makeup goodies from luxurious makeup brands.

3rd runner-up will be awarded: A cash prize of N65,000, a makeup train case, and makeup goodies from luxurious brands.

4th runner-up will be awarded: A cash prize of N50,000, a makeup train case, and makeup goodies from luxurious brands.

Viewers also stand a chance to gain from the AFMUA contest. the most committed and active viewers will be recognized as ‘AFMUA SUPER FANS 2023′. At the end of the contest, the three (3) most active viewers will be awarded a sum of Twenty Thousand Naira (20,000) each to take home.

Who can Apply?

Regardless of where you are from, Makeup artists of all experience levels and disciples are encouraged to participate, whether you work in a high-profile salon/studio, a makeup influencer creating content in your bedroom, or even an online mobile makeup artist.

AFMUA is giving everyone an equal chance to shine, so long as you know the art of makeup; how to use your brushes, palette, foundations, bronzers, and any other makeup item to bring out a perfectly beautiful work of art on the body.

It’s for all makeup artists out there who are Africans, no matter where you are in the world. AFMUA begins in February 2023, but registration is already underway.

How to Apply

The ‘African Finest Makeup Artist Contest’ is an online makeup contest to produce and showcase raw talent in the makeup industry in Africa. So yes, everything from registration to the contest itself, the judging and announcing of results at different stages, to the final announcement of the winner, will all be done online. Now you don’t have to move an inch from wherever you are; you can still participate and be on the global scene.

Simply click on this link and follow the options to apply for the AFMUA contest. You can also call or send a message on WhatsApp to them at, Nigeria; +2348067464261. Canada; +17986451666.

On the website, fill in your details and make your payment of five thousand naira (5,000). You will then receive an email authenticating your registration and containing details of the onboarding requirements for applicants.

A maximum of 500 candidates will be shortlisted for the contest, and the first round will happen between January 21st -23rd.
After the screening by the judges, some will make it to the second round, which will happen between January 25
th – 27th. The third lap will commence between January 29th – 31st.
By February 2023, the competition results will be announced, and a winner will be declared. 

AFMUA Competition Format

Stage 1:

After the submission of applications, applicants will be shortlisted by the judges. This shortlisting will be based on the previous works of the applicants, which were already submitted during the application process.

Stage 2: Know your Why

In this stage, shortlisted contestants will be asked to tell the organizers why they deserve to win AFMUA and why they deserve to be AFMUA 2023. Contestants will be shortlisted after successful screening by the judges. The modes of video creation will be in this order: 

Bio (tell us about yourself)

Portfolio (show us your work)

Purpose (tell us your reason)

Videos will be judged based on the creativity and vision of each contestant. Submissions of videos will be given a timeline. The deadline for video submissions is 4 days.

Stage 3: Creativity Hunt/Show

The successful contestants will be paired with renowned coaches and mentors, whose role will be to help the contestants get to the final stage and possibly win. After this is done, contestants will be given another task.

The contestants will be asked to make a video presentation of their workstations showing their skin prep routine, basic makeup routine, and the final look with a suitable song. Contestants will be judged based on; their Organization, Creativity, Neatness, Blending, and Makeup application.

Contestants will have three days to make and submit their video presentations. Successful contestants will be shortlisted by the judges to move on to the next stage.

Stage 4: ‘Make those Eyes Smokey’

After the creativity hunt, the shortlisted contestants will be asked to make a 20-40 minutes video of a smokey eye look paired with nude lips. The judging process will be done via online voting. Contestants will have three days to send in their videos. Voting commences after the submission of all videos, and successful contestants will be shortlisted from the voting process.

Stage 5: Final Stage – African Bridal Transformation Look

The grand finale of AFMUA 2023 will have contestants create a bridal look of the African tribe/country that was given to them. The top five winners will be determined in the final stage. The contestants will have three days to make and submit their videos. The judges will choose the top 5 for the preferred prizes.  The winners will be announced at the AFMUA grand finale/award night event to bring AFMUA 2023 to an end.

AFMUA Sponsorship and Participation 

For sponsorship and participation information, on everything ‘AFMUA’, click Here to send an email, or call/send a message on WhatsApp, Nigeria; +2348067464261 Canada; +17986451666p

At AFMUA it doesn’t matter who you are, what products you use, where you come from, or how many followers you have. This is a makeup contest where an amateur is judged the same as a pro because you will be judged solely on the artistry you submit. 

Apply for AFMUA today and become an internationally recognized, award-winning makeup artist, the first of its kind on the continent.

Follow their social media accounts for more details Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Meet the Team

Founder of AFMUA – Elohor Akporehe

Judge – Tolutunez

Judge – glitz_n_foy

Judge – Glambylj

Judge – beautybyduvy

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