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Martell Hosted ‘An Evening with Jeff Bankz’ to explore Good Cognac & Unconventional Nigerian Cuisine

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In keeping with the tradition of delivering extraordinary brand experiences, Martell, a premium cognac, hosted a fine dining experience curated by Itan’s chef Michael Elegbede. Themed “An Evening with Jeff Bankz,” the event showcased the cognac’s versatility and pairability, particularly with food.

Martell brand ambassador, Jeff Nweke aka Jeff Bankz hosted the event, which was held on the 23rd of November 2022, at Itan Test Kitchen, Ikoyi. The exclusive guest list included personalities like Beverly Naya, Kim Oprah and Sir Dee among others.

Guests were treated to an eight-course culinary journey, featuring traditional Nigerian cuisine with an unusual twist. The menu featured unconventional delights like slow cooked Tozo with Egusi cream and pounded yam gnocchi. A modern take on northern Nigerian desserts like Kunun gyada custard as well treats inspired by elements of traditional Yoruba and Igbo cuisine like charred Ose-ani with citrus and Iru were also some of the evening’s offerings.

Describing his approach to food, Chef Michael spoke on the global influence of Nigerian and African cuisine.

“Take a look at ‘Acaraje’, as enjoyed in Bahia, Brazil for instance. It is clearly inspired by ‘Akara’. You can also see the African influence in jambalaya, via jollof and thieboudienne. The evening’s menu explores how our food travels the world and evolves as it does so.” He said.

Each course featured sweet and savoury elements, which when paired beautifully with Martell cognac, created a cohesive culinary experience for the guests to enjoy.



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