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Ingenium Concepts Kicks Off Customer Service Training in Nigeria, Set to Cover Other African Countries.

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Ingenium Concepts Limited, a business advisory firm, has successfully completed the training of the first cohort of its 2023 international edition Customer Service Training initiative.

Ingenium Concepts had previously announced its CST initiative in partnership with the US National Customer Service Association (NCSA), along with support from GLG Communications and consulting partner Astute UK. The aim of this initiative is to drive growth and development in Africa’s business ecosystem.

The well-attended training session was led by Jennifer Orode, a customer service expert and CEO at Ingenium. The session covered in-depth practical explanations on various aspects of customer management, including implementing regulatory processes, essential procedures, complaints management, and resolution strategies, as well as answering call strategies. It was also an avenue to ensure that customer service professionals and their team leads were kept abreast of the modern diplomacy tools towards smoothening relations with customers.

Themed “Be That Exceptional Customer Service Representative,” the attendees at the event came from various fields within the customer service and corporate responsibility ecosystem, including Administration, Front Office Desk, Personnel Management, Customer Relations, Client Management, and Call Centre Representatives. The event was also open to job seekers and undergraduates interested in pursuing certification as certified customer service professionals.

“The training is about how customer service representatives can be exceptional at service. So many people already have the information and knowledge. The major challenge we’ve noticed is the implementation and the practicality of service,” said Orode. 

“Many SMEs and even large corporations out there don’t know how to service their customers, which is why we see horrible service that affects them. Customer service essentially impacts the business culture, and the needed training is not just for the customer service staff but for the human resources department, front desk personnel, accountant and even the security at the gate,” she added. 

According to Orode, the training equips businesses, particularly SMEs, with the core skills of excellent customer service “to help reduce the vast service gap and grow the economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).” 

She also disclosed plans to reach more African SMEs, career professionals and corporate organisations with the “Be That Exceptional Customer Service Representative” training programme. 

“We are in partnership with NCSA to use this programme to train 4 million people annually across Africa. It is not just West Africa; we will run it in South, East, and Central Africa. It is going to run for a minimum of five years. This is because we want Africa’s economy and general business landscape to be better, and we are contributing our quota through these training cohorts.” 

Ingenium is a business advisory firm that was founded and incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria. The company’s mission is to use its team’s collective expertise, experience, and intellectual capital to inspire excellence in people and businesses. The firm works to drive idea implementation and improve business culture by providing insights, results-driven strategies, and business structures that promote growth and peak performance.


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