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Celebrating the 4 Winners of the British Council UK Alumni Awards | Catch the Highlights

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“I waited 8 years before gaining an admission into a UK University – Jennifer Uchendu (Winner Science and Sustainability Award)”

Jennifer Uchendu while giving her acceptance speech for her award received by her parents, who were proud and elated to represent their daughter, mentioned that it took 8 years to study in a UK University.

Through familial and community support, this undoubtedly difficult wait period became easy.
This is the story of a winner from the just concluded British Council UK Alumni Awards 2023/2024 which was held on Saturday,10th February, 2024 at Eko Hotel and Suites.

There are stories that inspire the daily work and individuality but a constant in all success stories is the presence of a community that provides support, which is what the UK Alumni Network does and will keep doing.

Congratulations to all winners of the British Council UK Alumni Awards, whose stories are a source of inspiration.

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