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From Meeting in Church To Saying ‘I Do’ on the Altar! This is How Tunmise & Adeoluwa Came To Be

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Love can be found anywhere and the church is not an exception. Sometimes, that certain ‘church brother or sister’ could end up being your soulmate.

Tunmise and Adeoluwa grew up in the same church and became friends. As time passed, their beautiful friendship blossomed into an endearing love which is now leading them to “Happy Ever After.” Today, they are serving us sweetness overdose with their stunning pre-wedding photos and we are loving it! Each frame is a testament of their pure love and we are happy for them as they embark on this love journey.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:


How we met
By the groom, Adeoluwa:

We grew up in the same church but never really spoke to each other. Then one fateful day in 2017, after one of our Church’s programs, I gave her a ride home. It was just a casual conversation on the drive home. Afterwards, it was always just a simple ‘Hello’ each time we saw each other in church. I eventually got her number when she told me she was going away for NYSC. Every once in a while, we had what we called “situational updates”, which was really just catching up with each other.


In 2019, I relocated to the US, and we continued our “situational updates,” but now I had an endearing nickname for her: “smallie”. But still, we were really just friends. So much that Tunmise would often joke about how she couldn’t wait to eat Jollof rice at my wedding. Then, in 2020, I visited Nigeria and when we met up, it was a whole lot of fun; filled with bellyaching laughter and conversations about life in general. After this particular meeting, I was struck by how very cool she seemed and how much fun it was to talk to her. Yet, even when my best man teased me about her, I insisted she was just a “church sister”. However, after my trip, we started talking even more often, and after numerous WhatsApp calls and chats,  over the years, our relationship evolved. We developed feelings and began to realize what we had could be something. I visited Nigeria again a couple of times, and we made it official!


Here’s how Adeoluwa popped the question:

Longwood Gardens always has such a beautiful scenery, especially during the festive season. So Adeoluwa planned with my friends so that we (my friends and I ) could visit the Gardens (without him). As soon as I arrived the garden with my friends, I said to them, “It would be so nice if Deolu could propose to me at this place.” Unbeknownst to me, a plot was brewing mere feet away from me. Not long after I uttered the statement, we came across a brightly lit spot in the garden, with the song “How Long Will I Love You” blasting across the space. To my biggest surprise, I saw Adeoluwa and a group of people waiting for me. He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most beautiful, unforgettable moment.



Bride @niyi_foye
Groom @faiteeats
Photography @ifedayo.x
Planner @mimiluxe_events
Makeup @nomey_jmakeovers

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