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Chichia London Presents Made in Dar

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Fresh off a great showing at the recent Swahili Fashion Week, Christine Mhando’s Chichia London has released the lookbook for their new collection called ‘Made In Dar‘.
The collection features beautiful, ‘wearable’ and versatile dresses all made using the East African khanga fabric. Simply fab!

Find out more about Chichia London and explore the collection below.
The ladieswear brand Chichia London was established in 2007 by London based designer Christine Mhando. Each of our collections consist of an eclectic range of dresses and separates in modern, wearable shapes and styles made unique by clever use of eye-catching prints, embellishment, intricate detailing, a mix of natural fabrics and a succulent colour palette. The use of colour plays a major part in each line! According to Chichia London, “Our trick is balancing between keeping things fresh and new without being too trend driven, therefore making each piece timeless. We aim for the wearer to feel special and unique yet comfortable everytime she is wearing a Chichia London garment”
Christine’s fashion career began at the London College of Fashion where she studied BTEC and higher national diplomas in Fashion design and then went on to complete her BA (hons) in Fashion Design at Kent University. After her studies she gained some valuable experience working for various Ladieswear manufactures and suppliers of well known high street brands and designers and with this experience finally decided to venture out and start Chichia London. Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and raised in London, England, she has taken influences from both continents and cultures and translated them into her own unique quirky style of clothing. Chichia’s signature is the “KHANGA” which is a traditional east African cotton printed fabric used by women as wraps, and this usually appears in every collection in the form of tops, tunics, dresses or skirts mixed with various different types of fabrics and prints.
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