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L’Uomo Vogue releases May 2012 “Rebranding Africa” issue featuring UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon & South African vocalist Lira

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The May issue of L’Uomo Vogue is entirely dedicated to Africa.

According to the press release, “L’Uomo Vogue decided to underline the positive side of the African continent from all points of view that is showing the willingness to succeed in fields such as the textile and the oil industry, from agriculture to the growing of cotton, coffee, cocoa, to tourism and cinema, as shown by Nollywood in Nigeria that produces 200 films every year. Education and health are the two main points the various governments are founding their battle on, building new schools, universities and well-equipped hospitals.

It’s a new representation of Africa – positive, creative and trusting its own assets: this is Africa evolving, that has already brought great changes.The whole issue is a string of portraits of local personalities: Presidents, First Ladies, Queens, but also artists, singers, musicians, actors, fashion designers, writers, models, always portrayed in a positive, joyful way. They have all accepted to be featured in this issue because conveying a positive image of this Continent means bringing everyone’s attention on a world that so far has been “left out”, with the exception of a few African countries that have become a tourist destination.

Conveying a new image is fundamental for Africa also to give hope to the young and to the people who are working hard on their homeland’s economic growth. “Africa does not need charity. Africa needs investment and partnership. Joining forces with civil society and private sector, including non-traditional players, like the fashion industry, has become indispensable. Sustainable development is my top priority“, stated UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who appears on the cover. Other spotlights include multi-platinum award winning South African vocalist Lira who has already achieved mass success in her homeland and is ready to be introduced to the international market.”

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