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Kelly Rowland is trying to find the Next Girl Group like Destiny’s Child on her New Show “Chasing Destiny”



Kelly Rowland

Have you heard about Kelly Rowland’s new show “Chasing Destiny” on BET?

The singer has spent the last couple of days promoting it and doing press rounds and honestly we can’t wait to see the first episode.

The show premiered on April 5 and “Chasing Destiny follows Kelly Rowland on the journey to find the next major girl group while also coming into her own as a music mogul and #bosslady of her own.

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Chasing Destiny Episode 1

Kelly had a chat with W Magazine recently on how it all started and where the show is headed. See excerpts below.

On the genesis of “Chasing Destiny”: After Destiny’s Child wrapped the last tour [in 2006], I remember saying, “I want to do a girl group of my own.” And I never really got the time to dedicate myself fully to it. I didn’t want to be one of those artists who has artists, and you don’t really pay attention to them because you’re so busy being an artist. Of course, the time finally came, and I knew I wanted [choreographer and director] Frank Gatson [Jr.] on board with me, who has worked with every girl group under the sun. He gets it. And I feel like he has a knack for pulling out talent, pulling greatness out of people. And I didn’t want a reality show; I didn’t want a “making the band”; I didn’t want those things that other networks thought that it would be. I was like, “No, I just need a lot of money to have the cameras rolling.”

On auditioning and selecting girls: That process was long. Looking at girls, literally looking at them on social media, clicking one person to another, to another, to another, to get to someone else, to see that someone else has another person who knows how to sing … it is literally the black hole of music. We were finding people there. We were finding people through word of mouth. We were finding people who were already in the industry. We were finding people who were maybe on a label and dropped. We were finding people who were on a label, and the label never did anything with them. And we just went through everything, every process there was. to find great girls. And we found some. We found several. But it’s a long process.

On always wanting to create a girl group: Because I knew we were going to take a hiatus from [Destiny’s Child], and we were all focused on our own projects. And I was just like, “Each generation should be better than the last.” That’s truly what I feel. I knew that I would have the girls’ support no matter what. And I do have their support in this whole venture. The girls are excited for me.

On making a girl group successful: One would be knowing your own contribution to the group. Because then you won’t feel the need to be like, “I want hair color like her,” or, “I’m so mad I don’t have such and such like her.” When you know what you’re contributing, you’re secure within that as a team player. You should want to really kill it every single time because the more amazing you are, the more amazing your other group member is, the more dynamic of a group and a force y’all are. So just the work ethic is important. And wanting to absolutely kill the competition.

Read more from her interview here.

Watch the promo for “Chasing Destiny” below.



    April 7, 2016 at 9:37 am

    How about just releasing a single or an album, Ms. Rowland? All this reality shows for musicians don tire me! Plus why do I want to be discovered by Kelly, is she a producer now? Once the girls are found is she going to sign them on BET’s record label or what???

    • Alfie

      April 15, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      Actually, there’s a record deal in place for the girls and she’s ensured that the audience is informed that it’s not a reality show but mostly a ‘docu-series’ highlighting the artist development process of forming the group. So far it’s been a great show, Kelly seems like an awesome mentor and it seems genuinely value adding to the participating young ladies.

      I do get your point about her next record though. She says she’s on it…. If it’s anything as good as her last album was, then I’m here for it.

  2. Marie Criff

    April 10, 2016 at 12:50 am

    I like the fact they trying to get another girl group but why didn’t they come to Kelly Roland home town Houston and give these girls a try out here. We have a lot of talented people in Houston. We just need the right people to believe in us. I thought it would have been Beyoncé to get the next girl group but she still doing her thing.

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