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Exclusive: See these Gorgeous Photos of Lepacious Bose and her New Look with O’Naturals

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We have a very encouraging post for you this Monday morning! Today we’re sharing exclusive photos of popular comedian and lawyer Lepacious Bose and a glimpse into her journey to a healthier version of herself. In a recent photo shoot in partnership with O’Naturals Natural Hair Salon, Lepacious looks gorgeous in a way we haven’t see her before!

lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS239

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We all know Lepacious Bose has been on a very personal journey for over three years. We have known her by her stage name, Lepacious Bose, a name that was the stark opposite of what she looked like physically. After an eye-opening experience with her adored nephew she made a commitment to actually save her life by loosing the excess weight. She has shared her weight struggles and triumphs with her fans and this has encouraged so many who want to change their lives.

A few Fridays ago Lepacious Bose celebrated her birthday with close friends and family. This was no regular birthday party – it was a thanksgiving celebration. She has much to be thankful for. After a harrowing 4 months, she is able to stand with us and make us laugh the way she always has.

These pictures are a symbol of what we could call her “coming out” party. The pictures show so many sides of her that some haven’t seen before or may have been distracted from seeing. She stands confidently, poses gorgeously, smirks mischievously and laughs happily.

Perhaps her stage name had been a not too subtle prophecy. Her body may have changed but she is the same Lepacious Bose we have come to know and love. Indeed she is now truly “Lepacious” and we welcome her!

See the Photos lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS171 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS167 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS187lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS133lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS123 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS206 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS214 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS227 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS239 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS259 lepacious bose onaturals bellanaija april2016_BIS251

Styled By: Omozo Ehigie
Hair: O’Naturals Natural Hair Salon | Instagram & Twitter – @onaturals1  | 08188024444
Make-up: Adeola Olayode of Oge Makeup Artistry | @oge_makeup_artistry | 09098082824 / 09084507884
Photography: Brothers Imagery | Instagram – @brothersimagery | 08038471268

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