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#BBNaija: Day 66 – TBoss Shares Some News for Bisola, Housemates Chow Down Lemons & Maggots + More Highlights!



Did you watch day 66 of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!!


“He has a child”

Bisola, Bally and TBoss were sitting in the dressing room having a heated discussion about everything from stretch marks and pregancies to child support when the conversation shifted to ThinTallTony and Bisola’s relationship. Bally and TBoss were arguing that there was a spark between the two of them but Bisola kept insisting that they were just friends. “Tony likes you!” they both exclaimed but with each new allegation Bisola seemed to have  an excuse locked and loaded.

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Bally was the first to dig up evidence reminding Bisola that she’d confessed to liking TTT but was frustrated that he didn’t feel the same way. TBoss then chimed in pointing out that on the last Saturday, TTT was “so drunk” and he only had eyes for Bisola as is evidenced by the fact that he tried to hook up with her. At that point, Bisola deflected the accusations by arguing that Tony actually liked TBoss! TBoss was quick to retort and point out that he only ever flirted and seemed keen on a strictly, physical relationship, not companionship inside or outside the House.

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Bisola then had no choice but to cave saying of TTT, “we have a strong bond that will last a very, very long time!” Things then took a sudden turn as Bisola joked that TBoss and Bally were trying to force something that might never happen saying “How is she sure that he’s not married?” She chuckled for a bit before TBoss responded: “I actually heard a few times in the House that he has a child.” Bisola’s smile immediately melted away and she sat still for a moment as the words washed over her.

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It might have taken a while to figure out a comeback but soon she was back on the defensive. “I don’t know about that. He told me his mum wants him to have a kid because he’s 36.” TBoss and Bally didn’t seem to want to press the issue any further after that. While the news certainly rocked her she was back to her old self, flirting and nagging her “tiki Bally” once again.

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The Zen art of rice

Biggie took advantage of today’s hot weather and got the Housemates doing something useful – emptying one bucket of rice and filling another one with the same rice, with chopsticks. Biggie and his merry Ninja’s had fun during the various “Housemates, freeze” Tasks and the housemates were covered with whipped cream by the time the Water Dunk Puzzle challenge came around.

Biggie lured them in with an easy first round and then unleashed his annoyance at their previous day’s Diary Session impertinence. All the Housemates were blindfolded so that they could not see what was coming next as Bisola and Bally were the first to feel Biggie’s cold fury as they were doused in ice-cold water. At least they got rid of some of the whipped cream from earlier. The victors thought they were home and dry but Biggie’s Ninjas were feeling very inclusive and they drenched the remaining Housemates with more ice-cold water.

As they returned to the House, the poor six were told to freeze again and in marched the Ninjas and out they marched with “Dis na new swag” of Efe and all of the shoes, some mattresses and other luxury items. Biggie is certainly making them work hard to be in the final week as HoH Bisola’s golden eye, as well as their weekly shopping ability, was also a casualty of Biggie’s luxury raid.

The Housemates then had to carry on with the rice bucket challenge. They eventually completed it after many conversations. In a way, it eased the simmering tension in the House by offering a bit of the zen art of singular concentration. With this week’s theme of Extreme Survivor Week, some of the Housemates reminisced about the good times they had spent with some of the ex-Housemates, especially Bisola and TTT. Efe, however, reminded them that next week they are “campaigning for Votes” He is clearly keeping his eye on the prize.

Will they take the offer?

Biggie had prepared Five Big Missions for the Housemates to complete! If they do so successfully they’ll get awarded 50 points and win some pretty amazing rewards for their efforts. That said, there’s a catch. The Tasks weren’t compulsory and if any or all of the Housemates felt like they couldn’t go through with something then they were free to pull out or refuse to participate. Biggie made it clear that he will not punish them for doing so. TBoss immediately dreaded how gruelling the missions were going to be if Biggie was already giving them an option to tap out!

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Each of the five Missions was worth 10 points and depending on how well they did they’d receive the following rewards for their total scores.

28 Points  – A special home cooked meal courtesy of Big Brother

33 Points – An expensive champagne

38 Points – Message from a loved one for all Housemates

43 Points – Right to vote to save one of the Nominated Housemates

50 Points – Full spa treatment for all Housemates in an exotic spa clinic

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Though still groggy from sleep, the Housemates were quite excited about the rewards with the exception of Efe who was worried about the Missions not being compulsory. Given that Debie-Rise and TBoss would be outnumbered in a vote to save someone from Eviction he figured they might sabotage things by not participating in the missions to make sure they couldn’t get to the required 43 points

The most painful Task yet!

Today Biggie informed the Housemates that they’d have to complete five extremely, tasking Missions in order to win a series of awesome rewards. Once they were done with the first mission however they realised it was going to be a lot harder than they’d initially thought. Upon arriving at the Arena, they found six tables with large glass bowls full of large lemons. The objective was simple: Eat all 20 lemons in less than 30 minutes or fail the Task!

As soon as the buzzer sounded the Housemates starting peeling and munching away but it wasn’t long before they were feeling the burn, wincing, twitching and shaking their bodies in agony. Marvis and Bisola were the first to say their tongues had gone numb and Debie-Rise could be seen contorting her body in bizarre ways because of the sharp sting of the sour fruit.

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Efe and Bisola made more progress than anyone else managing to eat over 10 lemons each but their efforts proved fruitless in the end though Biggie awarded them seven points out of 10 for their valiant effort. Everyone rushed to go get water and rinse their mouths out as soon as they were done.

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The Housemates had only just begun settling down when Biggie called them back to the Arena for another gruelling challenge. As soon as they walked through the doors their eyes fell to the centre of the Arena and they realised what awaited them, the dreaded rice bucket and chopsticks! This time around they were only given an Hour to complete the gruelling Task and managed to get halfway before getting awarded six points.

Housemates chomp down another eight points

Big Brother instructed the Housemates to grab a set of cutlery and head into the Arena for their fourth Task. The Housemates caught a glimpse of the bowls laid out in the Arena and Bisola immediately went berserk grabbing her head and cringing at the thought of feasting on the contents of the bowl.

34 bugs11 004 pre

As soon as Biggie had finished instructing the Housemates of the rules of engagement, they were all expected to remove the lids of their bowls and start feasting. The Housemates consoled and encouraged each other by telling themselves that the crawly creatures tasted just like “shinge”; a local delicacy of flying bugs that only come out when it rains.

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“Na protein jooo” and “omo see protein” sounded like war chants emanating from the Housemates as they kept chomping down on the bugs. They seemed to get into the groove of things as some of the Housemates even started using their hands to scoop the creatures into their mouths.

34 bugs3 004 pre

34 bugs6 004 pre

With almost all the bowls empty, Biggie called time to the Task and asked HoH Bisola how she felt the Housemates had fared in the Task. She scored her fellow Housemates an eight out of the available 10, and after a short deliberation, Biggie awarded them eight points; bringing their accumulated total to 31.

34 bugs7 003 pre


  1. Jennietobbie

    March 29, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Life lesson: There’s no free money oooo. ????

  2. Lolo

    March 30, 2017 at 4:10 am

    Imagine Tboss and Debbie rise planned not to complete the task so they can’t save any house mate, it will backfire on Sunday

    • jay

      March 30, 2017 at 7:35 am

      Lol. Were you expecting them to shoot themselves in the foot? Knowing fully well that the other four won’t consider saving them from eviction? Plus do you know that each of the nominated housemates chances of being saved on Sunday is reduced if one housemate is saved from eviction before then? Abeg make una free Tboss and Debbie jare.

    • Abk

      March 30, 2017 at 8:54 am

      Lolo, what’s imagine there? If Bisola or Efe did that it won’t be a problem. It’s only a stupid person that’ll complete a task when it’s to their disadvantage.

    • Shandi

      March 30, 2017 at 8:55 am

      Lolo: who are you to say whether or not it’ll backfire? Are you God? You’ll be alright.

    • Jade

      March 30, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      It won’t backfire, that was actually smart and strategic

  3. Temmy

    March 30, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Good job girls… I actually wanted them to do that.. how can they eat bugs to the advantage of others.. thank God they reasoned that

  4. sarah

    March 30, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    my vote goos to bisola

  5. Eunice

    March 31, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Why is it that no one ever blames any other house mate like others if efe, bisola, Bally and Marvis those anything no one sees it as bad but when it is tboss and Debbie rise they will be crucified The last time I checked they all housemates with equal rights to compete for the Grand Prize

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