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Queen’s College Health Crisis: Parents Condemn Ministry of Education’s Silence



Following the death of three students, in what the Lagos State government said was as a result of a bacterial infection through contaminated water, parents and guardians  of Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos are calling on the federal government, through the Ministry of Education to act and not allow the issue to be swept under the carpet.

Over 1,200 students reported symptoms of bacterial infection, and 16 others were hospitalised.

Two of the students died in February, and one died last week.

After the death of two students, the Ministry of Health set up an investigative panel just as Dr Lami Amodu, the former principal of the school denied the incident. Amodu, who was later transferred from the school, blamed the report on people who want to rubbish the name of the school.

According to PUNCH, the parents are calling for an investigation into the school’s financial system.

According to a parent, the student who died last week was a 14-year old orphan.

“She was an orphan. At a point, there was nobody to pay her hospital bills and a group of us had to raise money for her treatment. Another parent, whose daughter was also admitted to the hospital at that time, coordinated the fundraising for the girl before she died.

We are angry because despite all these, the Federal Ministry of Education is not investigating anything. We believe corruption is involved.

If investigations start, a lot of questions will be raised about finances. If the former principal is questioned, heads will roll. We believe that was why she was quickly transferred to another school,” the parent said.

Another parent said:

Queen’s College has five vice principals– vice principal academic, senior school; vice principal administration; vice principal special duties; vice principal junior school; and vice principal student affairs.

There is also the federal ministry of education inspectorate department, which should oversee whatever is happening in the school. But how things degenerated to the level of losing three girls without any of these officials knowing beats my imagination.

I am pained because although lives had been lost and some pupils are still sick, the ministry of education has not issued any statement.

Another parent urged the Federal Government to step into the case and ensure the three girls did not die in vain.

Speaking on the incident, the school’s PTA Chairman Dr. John Ofodike, said:

We have set up a panel to look into the management of funds by the previous PTA administration.

The PTA does not run the college; we are just playing supervisory and advisory roles.

Since my administration came in, we have been using our personal money to support the school. There has been a long time decay of infrastructure in the college. We have been using our personal funds to run the college.

And please, note that the proprietor of the school is the Federal Ministry of Education. Tell the Federal Government to probe the deaths. When the pupils were stooling and had diarrhoea, the PTA medical team played its part and left.



  1. efixi

    April 3, 2017 at 12:34 pm


  2. Anon

    April 3, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Horrific. What are these parents waiting for? Stop waiting for the ministry and the F.G. Law suits at the ready..

  3. Aisha

    April 3, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    I have been following the incidents at QC for a long time. All old QC girls including myself have continued to be dismayed and very upset with the running of our dear Alma Mater. The Old girls Association in Nigeria and the USA have been involved in assisting with fundraising for the school but the bulk of the funds need to come directly from the Ministry of Education. There is probably a lot of corruption going on between the Ministry and the school officials. Money is being shared left and right hence the welfare of our girls is the last thing on their minds.
    There is a Male teacher in the school Mr. Osifala Olaseni who has been accused of having sexual relations with some of the girls. The seems to be some close relationship between this man, the prior school principle and maybe the Federal Ministry of Education. They seem to go to all extents to cover up this man’s activities and continue to support him.

    The school is overpopulated. In the 80s the school had under 1000 students in the boarding house, now there are over 4000. These students are housed in the boarding house under very unsanitary conditions, The school and boarding fees is not used to provide comfortable living conditions for the students.

    The school authorities are very resistant to any suggestions from any of the old Girls association, in fact they go to extreme measures to block or resist any change. Hence this goes to show the level of corruption going on in the school. The school Auditorium hall is rented out to the public almost every weekend for social events as weddings, parties, etc. Nothing less than 500,000 Naira is received. Where is this money??

    The school prinicipal post is a political appointment which is changed every 2 years. Hence the principal is transferred every 2 years to another school. Not enough time to make adequate changes to the school.

    The school and boarding house population needs to be drastically reduced to the actual amount based on admission and school policy guidelines. Instead of admitting thousands just to obtain more money. I would advise parents with girls from outside Lagos to take their children out of the school and place them in schools where they reside. The boarding house needs to be completely shut down or abolished unless the Ministry provides funds to renovate the infrastructure and repair the whole school.

  4. Aisha

    April 3, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Hi Bela please where is my post?

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