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An interesting Fusion of Eclectic Artists! Meet the Muses & Teachers for Sao & The Muse 2



SAO and the muse

SAO and the Muse will feature an eclectic mix of artists who would not ordinarily be seen in one space. With different mediums and perspectives, the only thing that ties them together is creativity and expression.

The event promises to be a unique experience– an artist’s playground where you get to see the art of creation, live. It is a celebration of the young people living and working in Lagos who spend their time in their own unique ways, creating.

Like, Yellow of Lagos who uses the colour ‘Yellow’ as a quest to discover the spirit of nationhood will be showcasing her work. The eccentric design duo, Anti-Design will be live spray painting a bar while young and vibrant Painter Abe will be transforming a junk yard car.

The exhibition will feature photographers; Niyi Okeowo, Mr. Wentz and Fredrick Archibong who each have something important to say with their work.

Medina Dugger will be presenting her Internationally acclaimed on-going series ‘Chroma: An Ode to J.D Ojeikere’ which celebrates Nigerian hair culture and styles as a live hair installation.

Multimedia artist, John Madu will also be exhibiting never before seen work that confronts how globalization has contributed to the alienation of individuals.

And then we have the visual muses like Adam and Daniel Obasi whose work in their own ways offer a refreshingly new approach to design and film.

There will also be engaging art classes by artists Anth Insecta, Dipo Doherty, Dennis Osadebe and photographer, August Udoh.

Singer and songwriter, Kalinè, will perform on a customized Polly Alakija set and the 2 days will climax with Show Dem Camp giving the crowd their palm wine music vibes.

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