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Michael Douglas debunks Sexual Misconduct claims ahead of Publication



Michael Douglas denies Sexual Misconduct claims ahead of Publication - BellaNaija

Michael Douglas. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has denied all claims of sexual misconduct and harassment ahead of allegations about to be made public.

The actor, husband to actress Catherine Zeta Jones, spoke to Deadline about allegations about to be made public on The Hollywood Reporter.

Douglas said that an old employee with whom he worked 32 years ago has accused him of sexual harassment.

The actor said he was contacted by his lawyer right before the December holidays that a former employee of his has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment.

The allegations included him using colorful language in front of her, him talking to his friends on the phone raunchily and dirtily while she was in his presence, him firing her and blackballing her from the industry, and, finally, him masturbating in front of her.

He said he apologized for the colorful language and the way he spoke to his friends while she was in the room, adding that it was the tone he set in his office, and none of it was directed at her.

He also denied blackballing her from the industry, and described the masturbation claims as completely fabricated with no truth to them.

Douglas said he felt the need to get ahead of the story because it pertains to him, and also because of the sense of how it reflects in the Hollywood culture.

Read his full interview on Deadline.

Photo Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

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