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Chika Uwazie’s TalentBase: 3 More HR Trends To Look Out For This Year

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Now that we know that more people will choose not to stay at their jobs for too long and HR will outsource payroll and go full digital on the recruitment front, what else do we think will be defining work in 2018?

In this post, we will like to look at 3 segments of work that will look different when we are done racing through this new set of 365 days. While some industries might try to stay immune to some of these things, the truth is that despite how much restrictions arise, the change, though minute, will happen.

Company Culture
We want to believe that things like sexual harassment, abuse and the likes are not condoned at any stable organisation, yet these things happen. In 2017, we saw industry wide outrage against sexual predators and a lot of conversations around consent and more usually overlooked topics. In 2018, businesses are going to take these issues more seriously and even strive to change how incidents of such sort are reported to HR. No organisation wants the tag of being a breeding ground for abusers and seeing that a lot of victims point their helplessness to HR personnel who always seem handicapped to do anything, 2018 has to be the year all of these end, and companies figure out how to make their people feel safer at work.

Learning and Development
We have been going strong for a while now when it comes to how businesses are equipping their employees to do better at their jobs; but we think 2018 will bring more, and by more we mean companies building learning communities rather than just focusing on their own employees solely.

Here are 3 reasons why businesses will be doing this – it creates an important feedback loop, widens their talent pipeline and does the needful of enlightening staff.

Let’s break down each reason for you. The best things about communities is that people in it are at different levels of growth, which means there’s always someone available to pull up someone else up providing the needed feedback structure and a guide to implement the feedback. We also believe some brave businesses will open up their learning resources to people outside their organisation further increasing their opportunity to employ smart people without a lot of marketing.

Finally, a creation of a learning community means enormous growth because one employee is likely learning from 5 – 10 other people which equates to more perspectives.

Data, Big Data
Data will drive everything, simple. In 2018, businesses will focus on measuring everything more than they already are. Organizations are going to look deeply before every decision, be it hiring decisions, redesigning the workplace to or even selecting a destination for the office retreat. The reason for this turn to data is the result of how well data has delivered over time and driven important decisions. The trick most times is this – others are viewing available data too, so aligning with them becomes easier when you’re trusting data as well.

We’re all in a race to create a perfect workplace. These positive trends hold the key to many levels of productivity and we hope your organization is able to flow with the tide early on.

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