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Lilian Esoro celebrates birthday with Friends Tania Omotayo, Freda Francis, Mabel Makun, Julie Pinnick



Actress Lilian Esoro celebrated her birthday this week and to mark the day, she and her close friends had several activities from a spa date to a dinner.

Her friends Freda Francis, Tania Omotayo, Mabel Makun, Julie Pinnick, Olivette Uju Okeke, Olajumoke Rahmat Popoola, Monique Samuel, Esther Esoro Onyemaenu were spotted at the dinner.

Lilian took to Instagram to express her gratitude about the love people had shown her on her birthday:

Firstly Thanks to my creator for a beautiful day. Thanks to everyone who made it a blast. My sisters. Y’all are super amazing. From mid night till this morning kai. Y’all blew me away the Surprise was so unreal. Kai. Thanks my love for making it so unreal ❤️❤️? To everyone who came out to celebrate with me thank you thank you ❤️❤️

And to everyone who called, prayed, sent a message, sent gifts, had me up on your pages, everyone who celebrated me. God will bless and uplift you and you shall all be celebrated as well. I felt the love. Thank you thank you thank you. I see and love y’all. God bless you.

See the photos below.


  1. Onyinyechukwu

    March 11, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Samurai Lilian..aghotaróm the significance of your sword..
    Guess it’s all for the gram.
    Well, happy belated birthday sensei.

    • Olori

      March 11, 2018 at 1:40 pm

      looool @ Samurai Lilian. Like how did you come up with that lmao. Her sister is her doppelganger wtf!!! And i spoted the “thanks my love for making it so unreal” in that write up. Hmmm. Happy birthday Lilian.

    • Buki

      March 11, 2018 at 5:57 pm

      @onyinyechukwu, live and let live. We can sense the subtle, subconscious jealousy in your comment. Even if it”s cutlass sef, how does it affect you?

    • nnenne

      March 12, 2018 at 3:21 am

      Lilian did not originate that you know? I mean the sword thingy.
      Happy birthday Lilian!
      May God continue to lead you accordingly.

  2. frollo

    March 11, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Happy birthday Lillian. You guys looked like you had fun.

    ah ah Lillain you are too beautiful, face and body were indeed carefully created

    hence my wonder at photo nos 3.? Its one thing to use make up now and again. To actually bake a cake that seems to signify ‘ have low self esteem so I make up to fit in’ get as e be. You are beautifulLoads of people admire you. keep your head up

    BN I am a lurkerturnedcasualcommenter who has noticed a trend of you not posting comments unless they absolutely adore the personality in the topic of interest? why? The allure of your blog was the well thought out intellectually stimulating comments whether for or against the topic of interest. your visitors even take time to call out uncouth comments so Why are you now a, yes more varied content, (but zero to no commrents)version of ladun’s blog?

    if anyone wants comments that tend to steer away from the topic, filled with incomplete sentences, posted 20times by what appears to malfunctioning bots or else semi literate 30s going on 18 then lib and laila is the place. sdk is where you go if you need comments that seem to come from a bitter hateful place, filled with curses, insults, gutterlanguage with a total lack of empathy (read some1 did a cry for help as per suicide, the blog visitors encourage said person to die along with harsh words, poor soul probably did it)

    I love it here! I come here for various topics and well thought out statements but lately you just don’t post a mixed bunch of comments. A celeb or popular person takes the good with the bad, ask POTUS
    is it the hate speech thing? I don’t think this will get posted but mark my words This is not a good trend for your blog..
    All the best

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