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Plateau Government declares Curfew following Herdsmen Attack that left 2 Soldiers, 2 Cops & 2 Civilians Dead



Plateau Governor, Simon Lalong

The Plateau state government has declared a dusk to dawn curfew in Bassa Local Government Area of the state following a battle between suspected Fulani herdsmen and security operatives at Dung Kasa, Rafiki and Dutse Kura communities in the local government.

Punch, quoting an eyewitness, reports that two soldiers, two police officers and two civilians died in the attack that took place on Wednesday morning.

A statement by the Nigerian Army said that 23 dead bodies were also discovered at Mararaba Dare shortly before Rafiki Village with many civilians were wounded. The statement also added that two other soldiers wounded are receiving medical attention at 3 Division Military Hospital and Medical Services and that 7 suspects have been arrested.

“Troops of 3 Division Garrison Jos Plateau State arrested 7 suspects and recovered weapons in the clash between Miango community and herdsmen at Rafiki Village on Wednesday 14 March 2018. The troops responded to distress calls to the clash reported by locals. As troops moved in to settle the dispute, the herdsmen opened fire on troops convoy…. Weapons recovered include one Ak 47 assault rifle with 26 rounds of 7.62mm special and One locally made single barrel loaded with 15 rounds,” the statement by Army spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Texas Chukwu said.

Following the incident, Punch reports, Governor Simon Lalong called an emergency security meeting from where a decision to impose a 6PM to 6AM curfew was taken.

The Secretary to the State Government Rufus Bature, in a statement after the meeting, said: “Consequently, security agencies in area have been mandated to enforce the curfew. Law abiding citizens are advised go about their lawful businesses.

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  1. Nyja na islamic state

    March 15, 2018 at 2:31 pm


    Why do fullani genocides and massacres go unchallenged in Nigeria ?! Because Nigeria is a state under the Islamic Empire of Saudi Arabia, and stopping fullanis from carrying out their Jihad is not in the interest of Islamic State! The North Nigeria serves no other purpose but mounting a series of subservient government to the Sheikhs!


    U have to understand the Arabs of today are actually the Han. People originally inhabiting areas such as KHAZAKSTAN, who have been dislodged from KHAZAKSTAN by Chinese military forces as reprisal attacks for Land Grabbing tacticks in Asia. This Exodus was under seen by the ancient Chineese ruler/general Ghengis khan!

    These land-less, Han people fled to the desserts of Afghanistan and consequently further down to the barren Arabic peninsula by then they were not using the title Arabs. Arabs were dark skin slim pigmented people who we’re indeginious to the dessert.

    one has to ask themselves right about now the obvious question what is such a fat looking white guy doing in the dessert of the sahara – ur best attempt to answer DAT question should explain to you why slavery has neccesarily survived for so long!

    it seems apparent that the ‘Han’ continued with their land grabbing antics through military and war and consuming the identity of who ever they come across!

    However given the expansive territory of North Africa, this has brought us up to 2018!

    Mali Tuareg crisis, where Arabs who were annexing a massive chunk of subsaharan territory met little in the way of coordinated west African resistance!

    This is what they do, and if it wasn’t for the inconvenience of the expanding sahara dessert tracking their feet, this work would have happened alot faster!

    The truth is Africans as in Black people have had little in the way of success against Islamic invasions and battles with the Han Arab population.

    In Fact looking at the demographic of countries such as Nigér whom the British must have named that dellibarately to insuniate. Today the demographics of Nigér looks more like INDIA.

    That’s how badly the Arabs HAV absorbed that population with antics of religious oppression and racism clearly depicted expressed in the Quran their governmental constitution.

    The Arabs have been invading north Africa if you we’re not noticing that wake up, travel! And the only successful strategy Africans have against the onslaught and genocide is “Appeasement!” Hence the Music!

    So now the wisdom for north Nigerian to be devotedly in the servitude worship of anything Arabic, Bedouin under the frame work of appeasement is actually in starting to seem quite genius’!

    And because the North has been ruling Nyja for sufficiently a greater period! Am surprised Fullanis and Book Haram hasn’t taken the country For wives!

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