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Ahmed, the Speed Artist who went Viral is Starting a New Life after Rehabilitation ??



The power of social media!

Twitter user @NupeMufasaSulayman Abu-bakr, met Ahmed outside his office building back in March, and the man offered to make a sketch of him under 5 minutes.

Sulayman offered, giving 5 minutes of his time, and Ahmed delivered.

Sulayman shared the story of the encounter on his Twitter, and, somehow, it went viral, with people asking that he share Ahmed’s details.

Sulayman invited Ahmed back into his office and discovered his story: his wife had passed, and while he has a family in Kaduna, he was squatting with a friend in Abuja.

A GoFundMe page was opened to help get Ahmed’s life back on track, and after £4,438 was raised, Ahmed was checked into Synapse Services Centre for rehabilitation from drug use.

After 13 weeks (91 days), Ahmed has been checked out from the rehab center, to continue his rehabilitation as an outpatient.

Ahmed himself was on BBC Pidgin with Sulayman where he shared his story. Him discussed discovering he could draw, and pursuing it as a career.

Ahmed has now been sober for 91 days, and he shared the news on his Twitter, writing:

I just reached a milestone of sobriety with 91days. #Recovery #Addiction

Congratulations to Ahmed! We’re rooting for him.

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  1. Ephi

    June 21, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Such talent! In 5 mins, it’s certainly a natural skill for him. One could also see the transformation post-rehab. All the very very best Ahmed!

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