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#BNxMBGN18: It’s a Wrap! Get ALL the Updates from the 2018 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant



The 31st Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria is going to be crowned tonight, live in Bayelsa State.

Ik Osakioduwa and Toke Makinwa were announced as the hosts of this prestigious event. It’s set to be a night of glitz, glam, and of course beauty!

37 beautiful contestants are vying for the coveted MBGN crown and a chance to represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant.

The live show is happening right now and you can catch it on DStv on Channel 252.

If not, enjoy all the live updates here.


7:35 pm

Hosts of the night, Toke Makinwa and Ik Osakioduwa, are ready.

7:35 pm

It’s a quick glimpse of some of the contestants for tonight backstage.

7:36 pm

The stage is set, the judges’ places have been set and the elegant guests are arriving.

7:43 pm

We spy Miss Edo and Miss Gombe in their traditional attires.


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Miss Gombe in her traditional attire. #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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A member of the production team is giving us a hint of what it’s like backstage right now. She says “high tension”. Whew!

7:54 pm

The guests have nothing but good things to say about the pageant. One man even prayed for them. So nice.

7:59 pm

Miss Abuja’s sister is being interviewed. Family love

“It was easy for her to get along with everybody” – Miss Abuja’s sister

8:02 pm

The show is about to start, red carpet is almost over and the stage is set.


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The stage is all set! #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18 Video: @bashshow

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8:02 pm

FYI: The theme for the night is Education for the Girl Child.

8:10 pm

Commercial break

8:15 pm

A clip of Senator Ben Bruce on the red carpet


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#BenMurrayBruce on the red carpet. #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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8:16 pm

We spy even more MBGN contestants in their traditional attires.


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Miss Rivers in her traditional attire. #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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Miss Kano in her traditional attire. #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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Miss Kwara in her traditional attire #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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Miss Delta in her traditional attire #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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Miss Kebbi in her traditional attire #BellaNaija #MBGN2018 #MBGN18 #MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria #MBGN #BeautyPageant #Silverbird #BNxMBGN18

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8:18 pm

We’re waiting to go live on the stage with Toke Makinwa and Ik Osakioduwa

8:37 pm 

Outgoing MBGN World 2017 Ugochi Ihezue, as well as MBGN Universe 2017 Stephanie Agbasi, are on the red carpet.

8:43 pm

Check out these clips of the outgoing queens

8:53 pm

The show has officially started.

8:53 pm

Guests are standing for the national anthem.

8:53 pm

Ik Osakioduwa is introducing the 37 contestants on stage.

9:04 pm

GORGEOUS Traditional attires all round.

9:12 pm

Ik and Toke are introducing the guests and the judges for tonight.

9:15 pm

IK and Toke can’t help but admire how lovely they both look tonight.

9:16 pm

Commercial break

9:22 pm

Governor of Bayelsa State, Seriake Henry Dickson, is speaking.

Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson announcing that the state government will sign a formal agreement to host future #MBGN shows.

Did you miss the opening ceremony? Watch it below.

9:32 pm

Outfit change for Toke. We see you girl!

9:33 pm

The contestants are on stage in their swimwear now.

See the clips below.

9:58 pm

Aww… the ladies just gave us a cute choreography to 2Baba‘s “Gaga Shuffle”.

9:58 pm

Outfit change for both Toke Makinwa and Ik Osakioduwa. These hosts are not playing o.

10:03 pm

MBGN World 2017 Ugochi Ihezue looking so regal

10:22 pm

A quick throwback to the swimwear moments

10:23 pm

The ladies are out on stage walking regally in their evening wears.

10:37 pm

It’s time to get down to the business of the day. The 37 contestants are back on stage and 15 will be chosen.

10:53 pm

The top 15 have been revealed.

Top 15:
Miss Plateau (Fast Track – Voted by the Public)
Miss Lagos
Miss Sokoto
Miss Edo
Miss Imo
Miss Kaduna
Miss Ogun
Miss Bauchi
Miss Kano
Miss Katsina
Miss Bayelsa
Miss Ebonyi
Miss Ondo
Miss Taraba
Miss Jigawa

10:53 pm

The winners of other special categories have been announced.

Miss Amity – Miss Rivers, Betty Harry
Miss Photogenic/Congeniality – Miss Benue, Anna Tenna
Best Traditional Costume- Miss Edo, Daniella Jatto
Model of the Year – Miss Nassarawa, Obianuju Ononuju
Miss Charismatic- Miss Oyo, Esther Chiamaka Okechukwu
Best Evening Wear – Miss Plateau, Meyaroghene Ariagbobe
Face of Select Pro 2018: Miss Adamawa, Sandra Chisom Ndigwe

11:12 pm

It’s time to hear who the top 5 contestants are. These top 5 will be asked individual questions, after which the MBGN winner will be crowned.

11:17 pm

Meet the Top 5

Top 5:
Miss Imo
Miss Edo
Miss Lagos
Miss Sokoto
Miss Ogun

11:19 pm

It has been announced that the winner of the Fast Track vote will move on to the next stage as well. Miss Kwara joins the list. (She was actually the fan vote of the fast track)

11:27 pm

The contestants are now answering questions.

11:34 pm

Commercial break

11:41 pm

We’re back! The MBGN 2017 is making her way to the stage ready to crown the new queen.

11:42 pm

All our gorgeous ladies are making their way back to the stage for the last time. They have been so amazing.

11: 47 pm

We are waiting for the judges.

11:50 pm

It’s time! Guy Murray-Bruce is on stage to do the honors…

5th Runner Up – Miss Kwara
4th Runner Up – Miss Ogun
3rd Runner Up – Miss Sokoto (MBGN Ecowas)
2nd Runner Up – Miss Edo (MBGN Tourism)
1st Runner Up – Miss Lagos (MBGN Universe)

WINNER – Miss Imo (MBGN World)

11:58 pm

It’s a wrap guys!


Watch all the highlights on @bellanaijaonline and catch all the gist on @bellanaija.


  1. Justmyopinion

    September 21, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Bellanaija turned spy…spyrilicious

  2. Jemimah

    September 21, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    The girls are gorgeous but the video quality…. Best of luck girl. Meanwhile, Toke’s needs to go back to the operating table. They did not file the hips well. No wonder she keeps showing us side view only. #Botched

    • Onyinyechukwu

      September 22, 2018 at 12:58 am

      Gurrrrl.. Took the words right out of my frigg’n ‘thumb’…

    • Nwunye Tobi

      September 22, 2018 at 11:04 am

      My left breast and left hip are both bigger than their right counterparts, and my body is natural.. Pls you guys leave Toke alone. Like 7 years of mocking, bullying and hating on her, una no dey tire? Tonight should be about the girl that won but no, Toke is trending. Toke is trending still. Strength and love and hugs to you, Toks. Maybe you are destined to fight all these battles and come out shinning, cos i dont get it.

    • Jemimah

      September 22, 2018 at 3:51 pm

      Is this your final response or you need to phone a friend,

    • californiabawlar

      September 22, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      But everyone’s breast is uneven though… but hips and ass?? It shouldn’t be that noticeable.

    • seriously

      September 22, 2018 at 2:25 pm

      Damn!!! I was just thinking like when did Toke have a booty. Yeah, she needs to get the right side more arched. If you gon pay money for perfect body, the doctor better do it right.
      These women are not bad. Miss Agbani darego and Leila lopes set the standard too high. Those are some gorgeous women

    • Amaka

      September 22, 2018 at 4:50 pm

      Lol o!!! Botched indeed…

  3. andtherewasone

    September 22, 2018 at 12:27 am

    Bella, even ur picture quality was better than wat we watched. I cud have just held popcorn and be looking at updates from here

  4. Nky

    September 22, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Couldn’t watch because of the poor video quality.

    Toke please go back to have your ass proportioned. The difference is size and shape is too much except this is the new trend.

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