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Miracle, Cee C & WhatsApp Group – All You Missed on Thursday Night’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show



Miracle, Cee C & WhatsApp Group - All You Missed on Thursday Night's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show | BellaNaija

If you’ve been following the BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show, you know that the show has only been getting more dramatic with every episode.

Thursday night’s episode was no different. With just men, the show was even more dramatic, so many of them not holding back on how they feel.

Let’s delve right into it, shall we.

DeeOne! DeeOne had a bone to pick with Miracle and he made it clear. From the beginning he went HAM, complained about how everyone but Miracle supported him during his show.

He texted Miracle, he said, and while he understands that people are busy, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to reply texts, he said.

But he did not end there. As the show went on DeeOne continued to lament Miracle’s attitude. He complained about the winner leaving a WhatsApp group (we’ll get to that one later) and, when asked if he thought any of the guys was fake, he immediately said: Miracle was not real.

But let’s rewind to the beginning, to when the show started.

K. Brule launched the show with a joke that was … ahem … a lirru dead. Something about it being a meet (meat, as in just men) and greet. When he repeated this joke again during the show, Big Brother added a nice soundtrack: crickets.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gathering of men if there wasn’t a sprinkle of casual, maybe unconscious, ermmm, misogyny (let’s call it what it is, my people).

There was Teddy A‘s talk about women being a necessary “distraction” in the house ?, and DeeOne’s about how it’d be weird if men had to serve each other food ??‍♂.

We saw Tobi stepping up to defend his best guy Miracle against the onslaught of DeeOne (really, get you a friend like Tobi, guys). He explained that it was easy for him to become friends with Miracle as they were both very young and could relate with each other.

Then that led to the WhatsApp group gist and all those who left: Miracle (again), the Tobi (he explained why), Cee C (she used to be very active but left after a disagreement with someone), Nina (no idea why), and Khloe (because she felt they weren’t paying enough attention to her).

Tobi said he left because people were being hypocritical. (This tea was sweet.) He said there was too much fake love, that people would fight on the group then in front of the cameras hug and act like best friends, that they’d be chummy on the group but say the most malicious things behind each other’s backs, that they’d be petty and small and mean and the tea is too much! Hypocrisy, sha, that’s the tea. Hypocrisy!


Then that led to a back and forth, with Angel explaining how the group is beneficial and was a way of controlling the narrative outside the purview of fans (we’ll get too the fans bit later) and gave the steps they took after K Brule‘s accident as an example.

DeeOne also peppered the talk with some Miracle slander (he was in the mood), and Lolu talked about how Tobi shouldn’t have left because of one reason sha. Koko is that he shouldn’t have left. The DeeOne asked Tobi if they should add him back to the group and he said, Yes.

So the fans part: It seems some of us have been very extra, sending the housemates videos of other housemates talking smack about them. Lolu discussed how fans text the housemates and demand that they stop being friends with other housemates. Guys. What have we been doing? There is God oo.

Now the juicy and sweet part: Leo and Cee C may actually be more than friends.

Leo shared that Cee C (and maybe Lolu but we’re not sure) was the only housemate to stand by him after he lost his mother. This brought them together, he shared, brought them close together, and they’ve been good since.

We thought that was all, but no! It turns out that the close is really cllooosssseeeee, and feelings naturally crept in. He shared that they’ve discussed these feelings and, well, we’ll see.

Thennnnn, Tobi now added that after he really understood Cee C (they call her Cynthia now) outside the house, he saw that she was a perfect fit for Leo.

We should also add that during the Kiss, Marry or Jail game, Leo chose to marry Cynthia (Cee C). So, let’s just be seeing. (So many people sent Ifu Ennada and Khloe to jail.)

So, yeah. That’s all that happened last night on BBNaija. Don’t forget to not watch it tonight so you can read all about it here.

Photo Credit: ebuka

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