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Happy World Health Day!



It’s World Health Day 2019 today, guys.

Half of the world still does not have access to essential health services, a situation especially dire in parts of Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the countries that has committed to achieving universal health coverage by 2030, and today is a day to remind ourselves of that commitment.

It’s not a goal that requires millions of dollars; it’s one that requires clear objectives and targets, and a dedicated team aimed at achieving it.

As a people, it is our responsibility to call our government to task and demand that health services be available to all Nigerians across Nigeria. Let’s put an end to health tourism and demand for better and affordable coverage.

Everyone, not only the wealthy, deserves to live a life with access to good healthcare.

Happy World Health Day!

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  1. Tamuno

    April 7, 2019 at 10:35 am

    Seem to me everyday is got a name attached to it for the world to celebrate

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