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#BellaNaijaWCW Aderonke Rene Ahmed of Visit A Hospital Today Foundation is Helping Patients Pay Medical Bills 



Many Nigerians often talk about being one illness away from being the subject of a GoFundMe campaign, and that’s very true because we’ve seen so many cases that attest to this.

Then consider those who cannot afford healthcare services for illnesses like common cold, flu, malaria, typhoid and the likes.

Our #BellaNaijaWCW this week Aderonke Rene Ahmed has devoted her life to helping patients and their families pay their medical bills at hospitals.

Aderonke had visited a general hospital with family years ago and she discovered that people were hanging around, looking helpless and sad. She asked what was wrong and she was told some of them could no afford to pay their bills.

She swung into action: she went to the ATM, got some money, and spent about N100k that day, sorting out people’s medical bills.

It became a lifestyle for her, and later on, she decided to register a company to get more people involved in the movement. That was how Visit A Hospital Today Foundation was born.

She started the foundation in 2015, and between that time and now, it has been having monthly hospital visits, helping patients and families take care of their bills, as well as distribute food stuff donated to the foundation.

Aderonke, a Law graduate from Middlesex University, is a customer service professional with 15 years experience in the UK and Nigeria. She runs On Track Customer Service which does customer services reviews as well as training for staff.

She also runs Your Fabric Space, specialising in the sale of fabrics.

We celebrate Aderonke’s work because she doesn’t just meet people’s needs, she inspires others to do so, and not just in her organisation, but across the country.

With support from family and friends, individuals on social media, as well as volunteers who are passionate about her work, Aderonke is helping families and we applaud her work.

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