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Nelson, Thelma say Goodbye to The House, Ike & Mercy are our New Ride or Die Couple on #BBNaija Day 28



Eviction Privilege and The Finalists

Get to know who the Housemates believe the top five will be and why everyone would Evict Frodd with immediate effect.

Earlier today, we watched the Housemates tell it all in their Diary Sessions.

Out With The Old

When asked on their thoughts on the arrival of the fake Evicted Housemates – Seyi and Tacha, the Housemates seemed to think both Housemates came with a strategy. While some said they came into the House with switched roles, others were of the opinion that Seyi and Tacha came back into the game with new scripts.

Evidently, Tacha has been a bit more welcoming than she was before the fake Eviction which has caused raised eyebrows amongst other members of the Pepper Dem gang.

The Eviction Privilege

If given a special power that allows them to Nominate one Housemate for an immediate Eviction, majority of the Housemates had one song on their lips – Frodd. We are not sure what caused the unison in their answers but we can’t wait to see what Eviction night holds for the Pepper Dem gang.

The Top 5 Finalists

Would you believe if we said Khafi didn’t make Gedoni’s top 5 finalists list? Well, thankfully, her name didn’t come up when he was asked to Nominate a Housemate for immediate Eviction. Quite an irony seeing the way Khafi chorused Gedoni’s name when asked the same question.

The common names in this list were – Mike, Ike, Tacha, Mercy

Possible Revenge?

When you look at what has happened so far between the two, you would naturally expect Frodd to get back at Esther. Not even after our man was assured revenge by the master planner gangster, Ike. Though we wanted to see how he would go about it, we never expected it to be at the Diary Session. He couldn’t even wait for Biggie to finish before Frodd mentioned Esther as his choice if he had the power to send a Housemate home. Could this be the revenge we anticipated?

A Merciful Mercy?

Mercy, who has been a little reserved around Tacha since her return, surprised us with her pick in the Diary Room. Biggie asked the Housemates to choose anyone they would want Evicted if they had the privilege to decide that. Mercy did not only choose Tacha, but also called her a good person. Well, with the way almost all the Housemates have been talking about Tacha’s change of attitude since her return, we might want to overlook this gesture as a strategy.

The Pepper Dem gang are coming up with a new vibe that catches us off guard as to what their next moves will be. Thanks to the Diary Session, we would never have imagined Gedoni’s omission of Khafi’s name in his top finalists.

Booze And Rage

Just like every other after Party, this one also ends in Drama with a smashed phone to spice it up.

Tonight’s after Party drama took a different turn as Mercy smashed the Oppo phone while standing up for an inebriated Diane. What started as a fun Saturday Night Party with DJ Kaywise on the deck soon turned ugly. In the bid to stop Gedoni from recording a video of a tipsy Diane, a visibly angry Mercy took matters and the phone into her hands and smashed it.

Mercy’s Side of the Story.

Mercy claimed she was Infuriated by Gedoni recording videos of Diane after he was warned not to do so, hence her reaction. In her defense, she put the blame entirely on Gedoni claiming he provoked her. “I was telling him don’t do the video and he kept provoking me,” she explained. She regretted falling for what she termed Gedoni’s mind game which might earn her a Strike or disqualification.

Still upset as she explained to Thelma and Ike, Mercy regretted not causing more damage. “My only regret is not breaking it on his f**king ugly face,” she stated. Ike wasn’t spared her tirade as she blamed him for also taking part in making videos of Diane.

Gedoni’s Side of the Story

There are always two sides to a story and according to Gedoni, he was one of the first few people who saw Diane in her intoxicated state. He wondered why Mercy flipped on him seeing as she wasn’t aware of the state her friend was in. However, he did own up to recording videos but immediately apologized when he was cautioned. It was Mercy’s threat to smash the phone if he continued that prompted him to give it to her which resulted in her smashing it.

We Ride Together

Not only do they steal Coins together, but they are also willing to go down with each other. Like the faithful lover that he was, Ike insisted he was willing to take a Strike for Mercy by going to beat Gedoni up for her. He even went ahead and agreed with Mercy to attack Gedoni should she get disqualified for smashing the phone while trying to pacify her. Coincidentally, Ike and Mercy were at each other’s neck after the Saturday Night Party last week. An altercation that almost threatened their relationship.

Saturday after party squabbles are gradually becoming a thing, is this a strategy by the Housemates to keep us entertained? We shall find out in the Saturdays to come.

Memories From An Eventful Night

The Saturday Party has gone but the memories it brought continued to live with some of the men in the Pepper Dem House.

Sir Dee, Seyi, and Omashola indulged us this morning with their boys talk as they shared their spicy moments from yesterday’s Saturday Night Party.

Blood Flow in Wrong Places

Just like every other Saturday Night, Lamborghini Mercy gave everyone something to talk about. From her killer dress (courtesy Ade Bakare) to her twerking movements which left mouths hanging, Mercy showed us, Pepper.

Since it is blood flowing in the veins of the men in the House, the guys gathered in the bedroom to talk about how Mercy and Diane caused blood to flow in a certain wrong place with their dance moves. Seyi said, “na this kain thing dey collect house rent, school fees, and car keys”.

They all agreed that it took the grace of God for them not to do some ungentlemanly things. Guys, for not being silly, take this fist bump?.

Wasted Opportunity

Recall how Ike had a ‘man to man’ chat with Tuoyo last Saturday when he was hoisting Mercy like a cargo? Well, that move by Igwe Ike put a halt to any intentions the men had about rocking Mercy at the Party. But that didn’t stop them from bashing Ike though. Omashola said Ike wasted Mercy’s booty popping as he didn’t heed the call she was making with that particular anatomy. He also believed that Mercy wasn’t provoked by Gedoni as she was already pissed off that all her twerking went to waste. Uncle, at this point, we suggest you take your observations to Ike so he can act accordingly at the next party.

When You Remember Something Important

Sugar daddy Seyi who was going on and on about how Esther, Mercy, and Diane were fire last night suddenly remember something vital- he has a girlfriend. In that sober moment, Seyi began to think of how he was going to apologize at home because he is sure his babe has seen and heard all his analysis of the Pepper Dem ladies. Can someone tell Seyi to take a chill pill?

The Housemates obviously had fun at the party last night. Tonight is the Eviction and we can’t help but wonder which Housemate(s) would be absent from the next Saturday Night Party.

Live Show: Nelson and Thelma Evicted

Here’s how the fourth Live Eviction show went down on the BB Naija stage.

Our Host With The Most

It was another fantastic Eviction Sunday and we had a great time watching our ever-amazing Host – Ebuka Obi- Uchendu, looking dapper as usual as he beautified our screens.

Ebuka’s arrival on the live show was met with loud cheering as he adorned the stage graciously dressed by Ugo Monye. Undoubtedly, Ebuka has successfully dished out outfit goals this Season and we can’t wait to see more.

Apparently, we’re not the only one who was pleased by Ebuka’s amazing style tonight

Ycee Lights Up The Stage

Now that is how you start a performance!

Nigeria’s hip-hop emcee and the ‘Jagaban’ of Nigerian hip-hop, did not fail to electrify the stage as the first performance of the night – with his hit tunes, Gold and Jagaban.

For his second appearance on the stage, Ycee gave us some ‘Alhaji’ vibes as he performed two of Nigeria’s favourite jams – Omo Alhaji and Juice.

Without any doubt, it was easy to tell that he thrilled the audience with not only his amazing voice but with the remarkable dance moves he graced the stage with. Thank you, Ycee! Your performance will not be forgotten.

End Of The Journey For Nelson And Thelma

The Pepper Dem Housemates said their goodbyes to Nelson and Thelma as tonight marked the end of his race in the BB Naija House. With fourteen Housemates left in the game, the road is getting thinner and tighter.

Following Biggie’s punishment to the Pepper Dem gang by putting them all up for possible Eviction, the Housemates displayed all shades of tension all through the week.

However, Nelson and Thelma got grabbed by the cold hands of Eviction tonight which left the rest of the Pepper Dem gang with the fear of the unknown. The Eviction panic was seen on their faces as Nelson’s name was announced. Is this really happening? They couldn’t help but wonder as they gave them their individual farewell hugs. Minutes later, Ebuka announced the Eviction of Thelma and we reckon that was when it dawned on the Housemates that the show just got real.

Two Evicted Housemates? They sure didn’t see that coming.

A Journey Well Spent

From the moment they walked into the House, Nelson and Thelma kept us glued to our screens as they served different shades of entertainment. From Nelson’s massage sessions to Thelma’s Saturday Night Party moves, they’ll definitely be missed in the House.

While revealing to Ebuka that he didn’t come into the House with a strategy, Nelson also said he feels he didn’t do a good job in the game, which was probably what led to his Eviction. On the other hand, Thelma told Ebuka that whatever she brought to our screens was the real her, no strategy or fakeness involved.

The Start of A New Journey

When asked on his next plans after the show, Nelson said he’ll take his time to have some fun before embarking on his plans. Thelma is ready to take on whatever amazing works Africa has in store for her.

We can’t wait to see them flourish in their future endeavours.

No Veto Power Holder

For 100 bet9ja coins and the power to ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’, the Pepper Dem gang were challenged to a “blindfold” game – well, except Mike and Frodd who asked to be exempted from the Task.

The Assignment

With their blindfolds on, each Housemate had to take steps to the clown board and carefully place their name tags on the nose of the clown face. Sounds easy?

You Snooze, You Lose

With Ike starting the challenge and Esther ending it, each participating Housemate failed to reach for the nose of the clown board and along the line, some Housemates got disqualified for flouting Biggie’s rules. Any surprises there?

With every failed step to the board came lost hopes for the rest of the Housemates as the game seemed to get harder to solve.

To end their night in the Arena, an unpleased Biggie announced that no one was deserving of this week’s Veto Power Holder title. In other news, the power to ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’ was stripped off the Housemates.

Better luck next week, Housemates.

Source: Twitter – @ifujoyd.

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