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BN Style Your Curves | Latasha Ngwube is About That Curvy Life!

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We sincerely believe there are very few looks Latasha Ngwube, founder of All About That Curvy Life and editor-at-large of Vanguard Allure, can’t successfully pull off. The curvy BellaStylista regularly shows how versatile and fun curvy fashion can be. From beautiful gasp-worthy night and cocktail dresses to weekend-ready casual fits, Latasha Ngwube does it all and does it well!

Today, this fashion powerhouse is our pick for our BN Style Your Curves feature for so many reasons; for one her style is the bomb! Also because we sincerely want to raid her closet. Latasha’s style is easier to appreciate than to describe or even label. Her refusal to stick to one style of clothing makes her a fashion enigma and a breath of fresh air, especially as each look, is different and better than the last. So while you can’t quite say if Latsha Ngwube is a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to her personal style, you can always say she is definitely fashionable every other day.

If you are a curvy BellaStylista and you are looking for style inspiration, then look no further than Latasha Ngwube.

Photo Credit: @latshalagos

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