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Together as Superheroes! Join Restructure Africa for this year’s Love & Pint on Saturday, August 10th

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To love is to live; to live a life that gives life to another.
To love is to exist, to shed the gruesome scales of selfishness; to not only exist but live with an impact.
To love is to be willing to feel hurt, a hurt that may relieve the lasting pain of a brother.

At Restructure Africa, we are committed to showing our love to humanity in diverse ways and this time, we are ready to set this love in fluid, live-saving and live-giving motion by launching LOVE and PINT 2019.

The first edition of LOVE and PINT in 2018 warmed our hearts with the encouragement of the deep compassion for humanity shown by many youths that came out in their numbers to voluntarily donate 242 pints of blood for the care of children living with sickle cell disease and cancer.

This year, we have placed the stakes higher and completely decided to put our trust in the good hearts and hands of men and women, young and old alike who choose to love even when it hurts, to live a life that gives life to another, to give that which money cannot buy and science cannot create, to give the essence of life and give life an essence.

We beseech you to kindly lend a helping hand to the achievement of the goals of LOVE and PINT 2019.

In partnership with Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Landmark Beach; Our target is 1,000 pints of voluntarily donated blood, with the aim of reducing the rates of maternal and child mortality from complications directly resulting from the absence of blood for transfusion.

Join us to save lives whilst experiencing summer in a fun-filled event that accommodates the bubbling of food vendors, art exhibitions, jolly music, and lots of laughter, games, dance, guest celebrity appearances and more. It is LOVE AND PINT SEASON.

Date: Saturday, August 10th, 2019
Time: 9 am
Venue: Landmark Beach, Oniru Victoria Island, Lagos

Interested in being a donor? Kindly fill the form here

For inquiries, volunteering, sponsorship and stall bookings, kindly mail: [email protected] or Call: +2348022415847, +2348057757127, +2348138347190.

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