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Black Diamonds Support Foundation (BDSF) extends Love to Indigent Children in Lagos, Anambra, Edo and Abuja



At Black Diamonds Support Foundation (BDSF), love is not only verbalized but actualized. Since its establishment on January 13th, 2011, BDSF’s mission is the empowerment of indigenes of Lagos State, provide medical care and feeding to these indigenes living in the slums of Lagos State, provide support for rape
survivors, abused children and adults (male and female) suffering from domestic violence in abusive relationships.

These provisions are made possible through outreach programmes spread out in different communities in Lagos State every year, and through the efforts of the Founder, Board of Directors and over 500 volunteers who support the cause.

The Founder/CEO of BDSF, Adefunke Adewumi states that the primary goal of BDSF is to ‘ensure that every child is deserving of excellent quality of life, including access to and availability of food, clothing, shelter and basic education.’ This goal has been exemplified over the past four years through a designated project of BDSF titled ‘Project5000.’ 

However, 2019 Project 5000 came with a difference as over 8000 indigents children were fed across the nation: 5000 kids in Lagos, 1000 kids in Edo, 1000 kids in Abuja, and 1000 kids in Anambra.

It provided an opportunity for indigent children to be given special treatment and shown unconditional love. It was a super-packed, fun-filled event with Santa Claus from different countries entertaining and providing freebies for the children, and provision of food, drinks, free clothing, and games.

The 2019 event was also sponsored by various organizations including Peak Milk Nigeria, Rite Foods, Bigi Company, including donations from private individuals and companies.

Want to be a part of this laudable cause? Join us on our next edition of Project 5000 Kids 2020!

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