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#RegulateNotBan: Nigerians are Uniting to Protest the Ban of Motorcycles & Tricycles in Lagos

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For the umpteenth time now, Lagos is yanking commercial motorcycles and tricycles off major roads and local government in the state.

Back in 201,  when the administration of Babatunde Raji Fashola enacted a similar rule, banning commercial bikes from plying major routes, protests were made by the riders and commuters alike and it wasn’t long until things got back to staus quo.

After nine years and in a new administration, the same law placing a ban on commercial bikes has been enacted and is expected to begin fully tommorow but times have changed and asides the un-uniformed okada riders, we now have different corporate commercial biking organizations such as O’Ride, Gokada, Max Okada among others. Some of these corporate biking companies have now taken to the streets to protest against the ban and ask the Lagos State Government to rescind its decision to ban all categories of commercial motorcycles and tricycles. Nigerians have also taken to Twitter to protest the ban agaianst motorcycles and tricycles with the hashtag #RegulateNotBan.

In response to this, the Lagos State government released more information on their Twitter, to answer popular questions asked by people concerning the ban.

See photos from the protest below:

Photo Credit: @Maxokada


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