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Dearest Woman, This Poem is Proof that You deserve to be Celebrated



 Dearest Woman,

I see you.

Since I last wrote to you, you have become so much more. Your ability to evolve, constantly better yourself and shock your society, is inherent. 

You are a fighter at heart, and the battle to be heard amidst the ignorance and subjugation will be your greatest Medal of Honor. 

Dearest Woman, 

I know you.

You are so beautiful, I could never say this enough. Your beauty is a mystery, gently masking the palpable force of power that you are. I want you to channel these gifts from Mother Nature, to change the narrative, completely. 

You see, you were made to be so much more; a voice of change in your society; nurturing barrenness into a bountiful harvest. 


Dearest Woman,

I can feel it.

You’re scared, and I understand. Scared of the backlashing, and the trolls. 

You’re scared of the unknown; of being wrong and making a mistake. 

Will fear stop you?

Will you sit back in the comforting welcome of the status quo, where many have gone, before you?

Will you rest easy, knowing that you may have been the change that the world needed?


Or will you stand and fight the fight?!

Go in with your armor, and be the front-woman. Be the first of your kind to tread deeper, into the storm and soak it all up!

Will you be the secret ingredient to global transformation; creating and developing elements to hold the center and restore balance to a world that is falling apart?


Dearest Woman,

I believe in you. 

You have never been one to back down from a fight. 

You are the key to a new era. 


With Love,


 by Old Mutual.

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