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Celebrating Some of the Amazing Women Who Contribute to BellaNaija

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman. Most especially, to all our brilliant contributors, commentators, and all our super-intelligent BN readers.



In fourteen years of BellaNaija‘s existence, women have remained the backbone of this enterprise. From its contributors, to life in the comments section, women have come together to share their stories and their insight. Women are at the core of BellaNaija; this is why today, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day 2020, we have decided to turn the spotlight on some of the great women who contribute to BN through their essays.

This list is by no means exhaustive. We love and appreciate every woman who has contributed an article, a comment, a story a tip to BellaNaija. You ladies have helped us build this amazing platform. You have provided us with insight, and support every step of the way.

We hope you check out the profiles of these women and read their articles as well. Follow them on social media and support their brands.

Temi Olajide

Temi‘s commitment to helping BN readers be better parents is laudable. Her work covers a wide range of relatable issues that our readers, especially mums, can relate to.

Cisi Eze

Cisi writes about gender equality, and her work constantly implores readers to unpack their unconscious bias – against people who are marginalized – especially people within the LGBTQ community. We value Cisi’s contribution because she constantly advocates for women – every chance she gets.

Nimi Akinkugbe

Nimi Akinkugbe is an experienced personal finance expert. Her consistency and style of delivery of articles are the reasons why she remains one of our favourite contributors at BellaNaija.

Adefolake Adekola

If there’s one thing that is a global talking point, it is the issue of climate change. Adefolake has been writing about climate change and environmental issues and its impact for a very long time, on BellaNaija. She constantly reminds readers on the different ways we can all save our planet.

Farida Yahya

Farida is a business owner who continues to share insights on how our readers – at every level of entrepreneurship – can scale any hurdle that they may face on their journey to success, within the Nigerian business space.

Yewande Jinadu

Career Talk with Yewande Jinadu has been regular on BellaNaija. We have enjoyed Yewande’s easy approach to the subject of human resource management, especially within the corporate space.

Jessica Ireju

Jessica‘s warm essays are like a soothing balm on a rough day. She brings the perspective of the everyday, young Nigerian woman, who is just trying to take one day at a time.

Rita Chidinma

Rita Chidinma‘s essays are both fun and thoroughly enlightening. She writes about our everyday experiences being a pregnant student,  subsequently a mom, and the lessons she learned. Her personal stories will keep you engrossed, keep you laughing and better enlightened.

Chisom Winifred

Chisom‘s articles advocates for all of us to be better versions of ourselves. She writes to motivate and encourage young people to breathe, take life one step at a time and never let go of their dreams and hope.

Olawunmi Adegoke

Olawunmi is passionate about self-development and personal productivity, and her essays reflect that. Regularly, she gives us rich insights into what growth truly means and how to attain it.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

Eziaha is a proud mum and one of her many goals is to help women live optimized lives. This, she does when she writes. Her essays constantly dish out knowledge on how stay-at-home mums can make the best of their lives.

Adanna Elechi

Adanna‘s essays are for the chic single slay queen who is set to conquer the world. Her essays are witty and absolutely relatable. Aside from that, she writes generally on life and the many lemons it throws at us.


Happy International Women’s Day to every woman. Most especially, to all our brilliant contributors, commentators, and all our super-intelligent BN readers.

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