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Nuli celebrates International Day of Happiness in line with its Mantra ‘Eat Fresh, Be Happy’



For the last seven years, the world has celebrated the International Day of Happiness on March 20th, a day founded on a resolution by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the importance of personal happiness and well-being as universal goals of human beings across the world.

As we face a raging global health pandemic together, the theme for this year, “Happiness For All”,  resonates deeply, as we must each find the best ways to care for ourselves and one other. Good personal hygiene, balanced nutrition, and peace of mind should be at the core of our activities. Indeed, this is what Nuli stands for. “Our mantra is to ‘Eat Fresh, Be Happy’, because we believe that what you feed your body with is what is ultimately reflected in your health, and state of mind, happiness being part of this”, says Ada Osakwe, founder and creative force behind the fast-growing fresh-casual brand that grew from a small juice company five years ago to a chain of 10 restaurants today.

Nuli serves all-natural foods, made from fruits and vegetables sourced locally from Nigerian farmers. The company is driven by the need to add value to locally-grown agricultural produce by creating a  food brand, while simultaneously providing a convenient and affordable way for Nigerians to eat healthier, more nutritious foods that is better for their well-being. Nuli is pleased to offer its innovative range of tasty meals like Cassa-Waffles, which uses local cassava flour, and juices like Ginger Heat, which is a concentrated dose of ginger root that is known for its immune-fighting, health-boosting properties.

Happiness is a key outcome of better, healthier living, which eating good foods provides. Nuli is committed to promoting all-round wellness, particularly in these uncertain times.  The Company provides suggestions for increasing this through;

  • Giving More: Doing something nice for someone else, especially donating to those at the front-line of fighting the challenges we face as a society.
  • Building Connections With People: Reaching out to friends, colleagues, and family with a kind word.
  • Exercising Frequently: Whether in outdoor pursuits or simple dance routines in the privacy of your home, get up and move your body. Exercise will reward you with a better mood and keep your immune system strong.
  • Showing Gratitude:  Take time to pay attention to the seemingly little details around you, and give thanks for all
  • Eating Healthy: The Nuli mantra “Eat fresh, Be happy” reminds us that healthy living is the ultimate secret to a long, enriched life.

Happiness makes the world a better place, and we invite all Nigerians to come join Nuli this International Day of Happiness and become a part of the worldwide crusade to enhance the well-being of all people on our planet.
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