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Meet The Handbag Brand You’ve Been Waiting For

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One of our favorite things about accessories is that they have a much longer lifespan than most fashion items that often escapes seasonality, especially if you invest in  sartorial classics. If you love discovering new brands like we do – South African brand Hamethop is about to become your new best friend.

South African designer Tsakani Mashaba founded her brand Hamethop, which fuses local materials, ancient African techniques and contemporary design. The stunning hardware, distinctive design and unique materials is nothing short of breathtaking! Her designs feature ndebele prints and ancient weaving techniques to produce innovative materials. The brand works with master crafters and weavers in Johannesburg, Dakar and Cape Town & is handmade in Johannesburg.

Hamethop means ‘A celebration of an individual who has an incredible history, creativity and knowledge’. And the creativity is easily evident. From woven handles to hand-rendered prints, Hamethop is a multi-faceted brand with a distinct aesthetic. From the Xibokisani beaded box bag to the Mufambi Weekender, the brand has something for everyone.

Check out more of their pieces below:

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