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Screenwriter Nicole Asinugo has a Word for Everyone Battling Work-Related Anxiety



Most people who have seen Charles Okpaleke‘s remake of the Nollywood classic “Living In Bondage“, will attest to the fact that it was a well-written script and the brain behind the amazing story is non-other than the award-winning Nicole Asinugo who is also the writer of another classic Nollywood remake “Rattle Snake“.

Nicole recently took to her Instagram to share a powerful lesson she learned about work-related anxiety and how to overcome it. Sharing her story, she wrote:

So, a few weeks ago @charlesofplay posted on his Instagram that I’m writing the remake for Rattlesnake. And then like a film trick, the blogs carried it and people start sending me screenshots and telling me congratulations. My first instinct was – anxiety. What if it’s horrible? How do the news outlets know its amazing? Did they read the script? ? And then that still voice, the voice that has no fear quietened the anxious voices and let me see the positive side of things. You wrote another script. You’re part of a remake of another Nollywood classic. You are highly favored. You are blessed. You’re on the right path. Stay focused, stay humble. I got you. It felt like a thousand deep breaths in one and I realized we may not be able to control the voices in our heads, but you can control the one you choose to listen to.

Photo Credit: @NicoleAsinugo