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What do you Miss Most about Life Before the Lockdown? Here’s what your Faves had to say



Since the lockdown began in Nigeria, our lives have changed in ways we previously could not have imagined. Even now that the lockdown has been somewhat eased, things have not gone back to normal as we would have hoped.

We might have the freedom to move around now, but we must still take precautions to stay protected and continue to flatten the curve.

Here’s what some of your favourite celebrities miss about life before the lockdown:

Frank Donga

Frank misses globetrotting, and for him, even though we started social distancing in March, his last trip feels like a decade ago!

Ufuoma McDermott

Your favourite actress, Ufuoma McDermott, misses the great outdoors a lot. She misses the mundane things like driving on the streets of Lagos, picking up her children from school, etc. Living in the pandemic can be summed up in one sentence for Ufuoma – selecting the perfect outfit, the right lipstick, and accessories, only to go to the living room.

Alex Ekubo

Alex also misses the outdoors, especially going for beach outings, but he reminds us the ‘rona’ is outdoors, so we should stay in as much as we can.

Rachael Okonkwo

Rechael Okonkwo also misses travelling and hates the thought that she will not be able to travel any time soon. But according to her, the silver lining in this cloud is that she is staying home and staying protected. Are you?

Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza is another traveller, and she misses being able to experience other people’s food, culture, and music through her frequent travel adventures.

Charles Uwagbai

Charles Uwagbai is a filmmaker, so it makes sense that he misses saying things like ‘Action!’, ‘Cut!’, ‘Add life to this scene!’ He misses being on set and interacting with actors, but acknowledges that the most important thing is keeping safe in these times.

Layole Oyatogun

Events have been cancelled since the lockdown began, and no one misses them more than Layole. Layole hosts events and misses getting paid to do what she loves. She also misses the rush of adrenaline and the excitement she gets from stepping onto the stage.

Fancy Acholonu

Fancy Acholonu is a model, a teacher, and a jewellery maker. She misses posing for the camera, teaching kids, the laughter, and the beautiful chaos involved in her different jobs. Staying indoors has not been fun, but she is staying safe and protected.


The MC and comedian miss performing at shows, but of course, staying protected is more important.

Stanley Nzediegwu

Like most of us, actor, Stanley Nzediegwu misses a whole lot of things. He feels out of shape because he has not hit the gym since the pandemic hit (you’re not the only one gaining ‘lockdown weight’!). He misses his family and friends, playing dress-up to attend events, travelling, and also going to his place of worship. Stanley also misses attending owambes and weirdly enough, he misses Lagos traffic too!

As you can see, we all miss the same kind of things – sharing hugs and having good times with family and friends. To enjoy the things we miss having, we must stay protected and stay safe.

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by observing social distancing, wearing face masks if you must go out, frequently washing your hands, and by observing the COVID-19 preventive measures.


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