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#BBNaija Day – 18: The Housemates get Creative with their 80s Musical Wager Task & It’s a Win!



Did you what Day 18 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Physically fit, mentally unfit

The Housemates seem to be more focused on their drama than their workouts as we await the Thursday Night Task tonight.

We have become accustomed to seeing some very inspired workouts in the house previously, but today seemed to be a downer, which leads us to ask: Why?

First, let’s start with the fact that at least all the Housemates made it to the workout this morning, after Brighto‘s fine moment yesterday, we don’t think many Housemates will be missing out on any workouts anytime soon.

Bringing it back to this morning’s workout, we wonder what could have been keeping the Housemates busy last night?

Could it have been the shocking and completely blindsiding breakup that left Erica uninspired for the workout while Kiddwaya worked off the memories? Breakups are not easy, we know. Perhaps this is giving Nengi the incentive to keep working on her fitness? We can only watch and find out.

Was it perhaps the blow-up between Ozo and Prince that left the Housemates shook and therefore subdued? We know that when Praise leads workouts, he hypes his Housemates up. Today we were lead by Dorathy, Eric, Ozo and Prince, maybe they just don’t have the vibe that Praise has?

The Housemates have been feeling some pressure due to losing two Thursday Night Wagers, maybe the collective mood was due to the looming deadline tonight? The Housemates have worked so hard towards this week’s Task and even we are confident that they will do well. Regardless, there have been some amazing highs such as the epic win by Team Cornish Dawn who, with 89 points, scooped themselves a grand prize of two million Naira cash for the day! That’s enough to get anyone excited. Right? Not only that, but we also watched as Team KEBT rose to glory to win the Flutterwave Task and some prize goodies to gather their good spirits.

As Tolanibaj danced this morning instead of joining her Housemates in the workout, do you think she was thinking of her beef with Wathoni, which still does not seem resolved? Wathoni may need another Yoga session instead of a work out session to clear her head after all that has been going on with her in this House. She seems to get into arguments daily which might explain her lack of interest in working out today.

Laycon has been bounced and bounced by Erica, this might be why he is not in any mood to get physical, you know they say matters of the mind affect your physical space. How much more will this guy take?

We remain hopeful that ships will sail, beef will subside and that Housemates will clear their space and focus on Winning this Game while viewers keep Voting for their favourites to stay.

A whole new kid

Breakups have a way of bringing the worst and the best out of people, even Kiddwaya.

The game of love is known for making winners and losers all the time, and this goes double for any ‘ship in the Big Brother Household. It’s hard to call what happened between Kiddwaya and Erica a ‘ship because it went down faster than water when you are thirsty. If you missed it because you blinked, here’s a quick recap.

After mounting a charm offensive on more than one of the female Housemates Kiddwaya, our Billionaire playboy, finally decided to focus on Erica. Their romance was quick and very eventful. Even though their attraction was as visible and vibrant, there always seemed to be something authentic missing. Just a few days after their first kiss Erica decided that their fun had run its course and pulled the plug on the ‘ship, turning it into a friendship.

Whenever a couple splits there is usually a partner who manages to turn the break up into a positive event by flourishing afterwards. This is the winner of the break-up. In the case of Kiddwaya’s and Erica’s split, it seems that Kiddwaya wants to be that partner. Rather than rest on his laurels, Kiddwaya is actively trying to improve himself starting with his fitness. Today during the gym session he could be seen putting in more than his usual massive efforts.

After the sweat session had come to an end Kiddwaya went to the kitchen to prepare some healthy food and opened up to Praise, Eric, and Prince about wanting to shed some weight. Praise shared that he also feels that he has issues with his weight and was refining his fitness regime to reach his body goals. Kiddwaya also took advice from Prince and the usually silent Eric about what works for them in terms of attaining their body goals.

Could Kiddwaya be worried that now he is a single man, he needs to be in top form to secure a partner? If so who could that partner be?

With lots of interest from his fellow female Housemates and many days left in The Big Brother Naija Household, there is no telling if this is the beginning of the next chapter in Kiddwaya’s story or just another set of smooth moves in an attempt to win Erica back?

The truth is in the diary

The Housemates always let the juice out in the diary room, last week we lost 2 Housemates, has this changed the mood?

Last Sunday we said goodbye to two Housemates, Ka3na and Lilo and this left some of the Housemates questioning whether they had gotten too comfortable in the House and forgotten that this is a Game. Today, when Biggie checked in, we had the expected tears and tea spilling about the issues we have all seen. Biggie had a very important question, however: How have the House dynamics changed in the House since the Eviction?

Many Housemates report that the dynamics are better now, probably referring to the lack of dramatics that Ka3na provided, a bit unfair however considering that there has been serious drama between Vee, Tolanibaj and Wathoni all week. Moving on.

Housemates miss Lilo, but Eric is finally coming out of his shell

Many Housemates alluded to the fact that they miss Lilo and her energy and calm. In particular, Tochi and Vee made mention that her nature is missing from the house. On the up-side, Housemates can feel that Eric is coming out of his shell and interacting with more people now. Again, Vee made reference to Eric’s personality shining through and how he is such a great. person. We will wait to see how people vote and see how you agree at home.

Ozo is a great HoH

The Housemates have unanimously agreed that Ozo is a successful Head of House. Neo spoke at length about how upbeat the energy in the House is under the supervision of Ozo and Dora. For all her tears, even Lucy brightened up when she spoke about Ozo and Dora. She says she was happy that Ozo chose Dora as Deputy Head of House and even attributes her own actions as HoH as setting a high benchmark for the pair to achieve. Brighto and Dora made mention to how Ozo raised his voice with Prince which shocked everyone, and they both respect him for apologizing to Prince.

A few Housemates are fighting

So. How exactly has the dynamic changed? Neo spoke passionately about withdrawal in his groups during Team activities this week. He mentions Wathoni by name, saying that she has become withdrawn due to the fact that there were members (who he does not mention by name) in the group who she has not been getting along with. In the same vein, Vee made reference to the fight about the bed, blaming the whole controversy on Wathoni for not understanding.

Interestingly enough, Tolanibaj did not mention the bed incident, but she did mention that she does not understand Wathoni who blows hot and cold. This diary session was quite out of character for Tolanibaj who tells Big Brother everything, is she holding back? Trikytee also mentioned the fighting and told Biggie that it is making the vibe in the House a bit weird, thanking god that today was peaceful at least.

There are no new alliances in the House

Many of the Housemates say they do not see any new alliances in the House. Though the Housemates are feeling the heat of the evictions, they do not seem to have any new alliances, but rather that the old alliances are getting weaker according to Vee.

Love triangles and squares

So many of the girls made mention to the love dynamic in the House which makes things awkward and difficult for the Housemates. Vee mentioned the love square above, Tolanibaj did not mention herself in that. Lucy also made mention to the lovers in the House saying that Housemates are now less lovey-dovey and getting their heads into the game, saying she did not come with a strategy, but those who did are having to reassess their strategies.

Group Tasks brought Housemates together and then apart

When asked by Biggie how the House was this week, the Housemates had many different responses. There are two general feelings, one is very happy an the other is disappointed.

It seems that Housemates were mostly brought together by the process of the teamwork, with the exception of Lucy and Wothoni who were withdrawn. The aftermath of the winning and loving, however, left many Housemates knowing they can do better. and wondering how they can do that in the future. Brighto did not mention names, but he told biggie that he could see the sadness in his fellow Housemates eyes, but he is focusing on his happiness. he winners of the Dulux Task ware naturally very happy as they won cash prizes and can

Did the Evictions change the dynamic?

Everyone says that people are more serious now. Erica, for instance, made reference to Neo’s confidence being shaken by the references. She says she is making the most of every day and having fun every day. We can definitely see that. Neo, on the other hand, told Biggie that Housemates are on their toes and on their best behaviour, making amends as soon as they mistreat anyone and trying to be on their best behaviour at all times to avoid being voted out by each other.

It is clear that the evictions shook things up in Biggies House. We look forward to tonight where the Housemates work on their collective task and show Biggie what they’ve got.

Ships make friendships scatter

When a ‘ship starts, a friendship get lost in the Big Brother Naija Household

A famous psychologist noted that when a relationship starts, two close friends are lost because of it. In Big Brother Nigeria, this is doubly true as every ‘ship that has launched has caused a friendship that was cruising to sink. So far this Lockdown Season we have seen this happen so often that it’s surprising that the Housemates would want to make friends at all.

Nengi and Wathoni

Nengi started her stay in Biggie’s House as the Head of House and didn’t have to worry about friendships as she was safe in her position. When the Head of House title moved on and she was forced to interact more regularly with the other Housemates, she quickly struck up a connection with Wathoni. Their bond grew stronger each day and all seemed perfect until Mr Nigeria started with his tricks. As soon as Prince started to express an interest in Nengi and Wathoni it led to the friends becoming enemies. Why didn’t the ladies unite and confront Prince instead of dividing their friendship?

Tolanibaj and Wathoni

Wathoni and Tolanibaj struck up an unconventional connection when it became clear that their Kiddwaya was just wasting both of their time. After realising that he was just trying his luck everywhere, the ladies joined forces to begin to shine as the style stars they are in the House. It seemed that nothing could break them apart, up until Prince walked into the picture. Wathoni and Prince have never officially done anything that would make you think they are officially a ‘ship. The same can be said of Prince and Tolanibaj. When Prince began to flirt with both of them, their funky friendship became a distant memory. Once again the ladies chose a possible ‘ship over a friendship.

Laycon and Erica

There was no chance that Laycon and Erica would ever ship, but his hope was a beautiful thing to watch. When Kiddwaya recycled his game and managed to turn Erica’s interest into a ‘ship that surprised us all, Laycon was left watching it sail away with his friend. Since the ‘ship launched Laycon has not even been able to get a spare moment with Erica as she is focused on falling in and out of Kiddwaya’s affections. Once again a ‘ship did sail and because of it, a friendship did fail.

Dorathy and Nengi

Dorathy has been a bundle of joy in the Big Brother Naija House and the person who got to enjoy the benefits of her company most was Ozo. The pair were inseparable up until Nengi came into the picture. Nengi’s arrival blinded Ozo from seeing that if he pursues her, he might lose Dorathy’s friendship. After many attempts by Dorathy to explain how she hates coming off second best to Nengi, Ozo seemed to have turned the corner when he chose her as his Deputy. Ozo and Nengi plan to have a chill session together before the Betway Arena Games begin.

Growing a friendship without letting a love affair kill it off would be an amazing feat to achieve in Biggie’s house. If Dorathy can manage to get it right with Nengi then Big Brother Lockdown will have done something that even psychologists believe to be impossible. Creating a friendship that can survive any love affair.

Is there a Win tonight?

The Housemates have lost two Thursday Night Wagers so far and have one more coming up tonight, we take a look at their preparations

Fam! The Housemates have been working very hard for their Task tonight. We have seen them build up the excitement over the last few days and hoping that this is the one they finally win.

Trikytee was chosen as the director of the show for this one, which in the beginning let to a little tension with Praise who was stepping in too often. What we can see however is that Trikytee seems to be a natural at this and has gone into a professional mode that no one has seen before. We saw two rehearsals this morning showing that the Housemates are taking him and the Task very seriously.

Vee has had the chance to show her voice off and music direct the whole show. This has included teaching Erica songs and choosing which songs will be sung and how. We love how excited it has made her even though she has complained that her voice has been strained.

Lead Roles

The leading lady

Erica is our leading lady who plays the daughter of a chief. Her parents arrange for her to be married to someone she is not in love with and she rebels, starting a love affair with a man her parents do not approve of.

The male love interest

Neo plays our love interest who pursues his girl at all costs. The underdog who eventually wins the girl in the end. We have seen Neo and Erica play the roles of the couple in love so well the whole week, and they only get better with every single presentation.

The mother, the wife of the Chief

Dorathy has come into her own playing Erica’s mother in the musical. Though she got off to a subdued start, we have seen her grow into her character and become believable. It is a very cute sight to see her standing next to her musical man, Tochi. Dorathy has given us a show that we can really look forward to.

The Young Chief

Prince has the role of playing the young chief who is interested in Erica. We learn that his interest is quite superficial in this arranged marriage and that the arrangement is based on Erica’s father owing him money. We are very convinced by Prince’s acting, especially with the level of confidence he was exuding this morning walking around the house with his shirt open, we believe he definitely nows his character.

The Father, a Chief

Tochi has been a very surprising character, our usually quiet voice of reason in the House comes alone when he plays the character of the Chief whose daughter defies his wishes to marry a man that he does not approve of. His voice carries royalty and respect as he plays his character, we are quite convinced that this guy has been an actor before.

We are gearing up for the show tonight as we see all the ups and downs that the housemates have gone through to get here. We have literally watched them rehearse until all hours of the night, or and over again. we have questioned whether Ozo and Prince will ever speak again, what problem Praise had with Trikytee and even if people will ever sleep again. We have never seen the Housemates work so hard for something, which begs us one last question: After this week of Wins of daily Tasks will this be the Task that the Housemates finally win?

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