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Team Gold wins the Johnnie Walker Task & the Housemates put their Photography Skills to Test on #BBNaija Day 45



Picture perfect me

The second part of the Oppo Task came through and the Big Brother Naija Housemates relied on their photography skills and imaginations to create the best portraits. In part two of the Oppo Task, the Housemates were required to take images of each other in their teams. They all did a great job, but there can only be one winner at the end of the day.

Prince and Trickytee decided to make Prince the model of their shoot for the first part as Trikytee settled behind the camera directing Prince who listened to his every task. The pair used crates, a newspaper and strings as their props which Prince posed with effortlessly.

1599071165 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 19.20.25

Ozo and Laycon took their task as a real team, appearing in every picture together. Ozo was responsible for the art direction as he would ask Lycon to do certain poses while he watched the phone to see how it would come out. Using their cards and crates, the team generated unified energy throughout the shoot.

1599074949 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 19.35.11

Dorathy and Kiddwaya had a raging time, making their photos look natural and easy. Using a motorbike as their main prop, they looked like the perfect ride or die. Since Dorathy had to get onto the bike too, they enlisted the help of Trikytee to press the actual button to take the picture. The result was flawless.

1599075057 34 screen shot 2020 09 02 at 20.59.20

Lucy and Neo took their time to dress the set. Neo seemed to be panicking under the pressure, curating Lucy’s every move as he curated his own. In the end, they seemed to have quarrelled through the whole shoot, and only the results will show how they performed as a team.

1599075318 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 20.27.51

Erica, Vee and Nengi kept their cool and professionalism through their shoot. Though the ladies were not their usual selves with one another, they managed to partake in the tasks with no animosity towards each other. The team used a blown up doughnut and a ladder for their props, a random pairing, but the ladies made it work.

1599075378 34 screen shot 2020 09 02 at 20.36.50

The general mood was light through the Task but was uplifted immediately after. As the Housemates were seated in the lounge they received words of encouragement from their friends, family and fans which ended the first part of the evening on a high, all thanks to Oppo and Biggie!

That’s not funny

With the Housemates Wager preparations going well, a spanner was thrown into the works when Lucy didn’t find what was happening to be humorous.

One of the most subjective things about humour is that the same thing that causes tears of joy to flow down one Housemate’s face could mean tears to another. This is what seems to be happening as the Big Brother Housemates prepare for the comedy Wager.

The Housemate’s have experienced challenges with their latest Wager preparations which are focused around imitating Evicted Housemates. Firstly it was Prince who rubbed the Housemates the wrong way when he had an outburst about preparations, then it was Lucy who was not pleased with the way things were going in terms of the Housemate’s portrayals of her and Ka3na.

While sitting on the bench during workout time Lucy tearily confided in Neo how she felt the Housemate’s portrayal of Ka3na was hurting her and that this Wager is “The most annoying task ever.” Neo tried to comfort her by reminding her that this is a game, but it didn’t help.

After gym and morning chores were done, Lucy sat with Dorathy and Prince and was brought to tears again as she discussed how the portrayal of Ka3na in the Wager was unjust and added how the Housemates don’t listen to her. She lamented the fact that Housemate’s should be remembered for their good showings in the House and not their worst. Dorathy tried to soothe her noting that if she wanted to get her point across she had better alter the energy with which she approaches the subject. Prince also pointed out that there could be better ways to raise her concern without getting teary.

With a Wager win on the line, the Housemates have a very difficult decision to make with their portrayals of their former Housemates. Where does the line between funny and insulting lie? Keep watching Big Brother Naija see what they decide on and what result it brings them.

The Oppo spelling bee game

As part of the Oppo Task for the day, the Lockdown Housemates were required to participate in a fun spelling bee game. Courtesy of Oppo Nigeria, the Housemates have a fun-filled day of activities lined up for them today. First, some merchandise drip…

1599057259 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 15.26.10

The Task

Today’s Task is a simple photography contest, and the Lockdown Housemates will be required to divide themselves into five different teams. This means four teams will consist of two members each while the last team will have three members.

To determine their teammates for today, the Housemates were required to quickly partake in a fun spelling bee game. For this spelling bee game, they had to divide themselves into two groups of male and female.

Taking turns, each team member, that is one member from the opposite gender, had to pick one numbered envelope from the bowl of envelopes and give it to one member of the opposing team to pronounce while they spell the word. There were three stacks of numbered envelopes, the first stack was from number one to 21. While the second stack was from number 22 to 51. The last stack, from 52 to 70.

The Housemates were only allowed to pick the envelopes in ascending order, this means they were not to select envelopes from the second or third stack unless the first stack which is from number one to 21 got exhausted. Each Housemate also had to write out the words on the provided white marker board while they were spelling for clarity. Each Housemate had only 10 seconds to spell each word.

A box with numbered cards was also made available. Once each Housemate spelt their word correctly, they were instructed to proceed to pick one number from the box without peeping inside. After they picked the numbered card from the box, they had to sit back and wait for the rest of the House to complete their spelling. Given words like ‘liberation’, ‘millennial’, and some photography and phone technical terms, the Housemates took turn spelling out the words that were pronounced.

1599057363 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 15.45.36

If a Housemate was unable to spell a word correctly within the allotted 10 seconds, they had to return to their seat and wait until other Housemates had taken their turns before they had to try again. For the first round, Trikytee, Lucy and Kiddwaya failed to spell their given words correctly, they said it had to do with pronunciation problems.

Next, Erica, Laycon, Dorathy, Ozo, Nengi, Neo and Prince got their spellings correctly; however, Vee didn’t. For this, the Housemates that didn’t get it had to go again. In this round, Trikytee, Lucy and Kiddwaya didn’t get their spellings correctly, but Vee got hers. They went again; Kiddwaya and Lucy didn’t get their spellings right, Trikytee got it correctly and so, Lucy and Kiddwaya had to go again. They both took turns in trying again until they both got their spellings correctly.

1599058362 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 15.51.46

The Oppo teams

Once all Housemates had spelt one word correctly and picked their numbered card from the box, they were required to open the cards to reveal the numbers written on them. Housemates with identical numbers automatically became teammates for the Photography Challenge.

Group Housemates
Group one Trikytee and Prince
Group two Ozo and Laycon
Group three Dorathy and Kiddwaya
Group four Neo and Lucy
Group five Nengi, Erica and Vee

Which team are you rooting for in the Oppo Photography Task?

Rehearsal turned comedy

The Housemates had a blast as they kept us entertained with the Wager Task preparations which turned into a comedy show.

Before going into the rehearsals, the Housemates talked about some viral social media trends and just as we’ve noticed in the past weeks, Dorathy, Prince and Laycon seem to be such huge Twitter fans and are familiar with the trends in that universe.

Next, the Lockdown Housemates deliberate on how to go about their Wager Task and how to bring their different ideas together to make sense out of it. Trikytee took them through what seemed like a structured flow for their Wager but Neo mentioned that he prefers the drama from yesterday’s rehearsal. They finally agreed on a less structured presentation that would make the Wager come with a natural flow. How well do you think the Housemates understand the Wager brief?

The funniest imitations

As usual, after their morning workout, the Lockdown Housemates activated their sleeping mode and when they decided to gather in the Lounge after breakfast for their rehearsals, it was a struggle to get them active. It took the intervention of Trikytee to shake off the sleep and get them excited for the Wager ahead. First, he got them to form a circle and randomly called out the names of the ex-Housemates they are playing out when he called the names, each of the Housemates was expected to mimic the Housemate and keep up with the flow.

Lucy airs her opinions

After the Wager rehearsal, Dorathy and Prince called their friend, Lucy aside and questioned her on her mood. According to them, they heard her crying to Neo earlier and for this reason, they wanted to find out why. “You can’t keep taking it personal when your ideas are not accepted during Tasks, we need to learn how to work together in the House. It’s the seventh week already and you need to know how to adjust to certain things in this House since you should be used to all of it,” Dorathy told Lucy.

When given a chance to explain her sudden mood in the House, Lucy said she wasn’t upset because of people turning down her ideas; instead, she wasn’t happy with the way her friend, Ka3na, was being portrayed in the Wager Task preparations. “What of the times she was happy in the House, singing and twerking to entertain everyone, why didn’t they mimic that? Why are they only picking out the controversial moments that involved her in the House,” she said amidst tears. She further talked about the fact that the Housemates only refer to her (Lucy) as the Housemate that cooks and cleans, and she didn’t like that. According to her, she would rather not want to be remembered for that only after spending such a long time in the House.

“It’s not even that deep,” Dorathy told her. After hearing her side of the story, Dorathy and Prince tried to explain to Lucy that taking these things personally would only stress her further, especially when it involved Tasks in the Lockdown House.

1599047847 34 screenshot 2020 09 02 at 12.57.02

Do you think Lucy was overreacting or did she have a point that should not be overlooked? Perhaps the fear of being on the table of possible Eviction has gotten to her.

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