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The Nengi-Wathoni-Kiddwaya Situation was the Highlight of Last Night’s #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show

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The sitting arrangements were changed and the Housemates discussed the NengiWathoniKiddwaya situation in episode 5 of the Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show.

Receipts were pulled out and Kiddwaya had to explain his playful moments with Wathoni and Nengi in the House. Kaisha warns Vee to be careful as she calls Neo a liar. Eric and Lilo talk about the ship that never sailed.

While Wathoni agreed that she liked Kidd, said she didn’t have feelings for him. She said she asked Nengi to pick for her during the T or D game between Kidd and Prince, adding that she liked Prince more because she likes dark-skinned guys.

At this point, Tochi interrupts saying, “but you said you didn’t like Prince just now”.

Praise also thinks Wathoni liked Kidd. She insisted that Kidd was a “community boy” and he did a lot of hurtful things like asking Tochi to go for her because she is an “easy catch”.

Kidd concludes that he still talks to Wathoni and everyone in the house because he’s cool with everyone.

Tochi denied having that conversation where Kidd said Wathoni is an easy catch. Wathoni insisted he (Tochi) tried but didn’t get her, while he said he didn’t try.

“You’re not even my type,” Tochi adds and goes on to say if she doesn’t get any man, she goes ahead to say bad things about them. He also thinks that Wathoni is the “community girl”. “Every conversation in the house for you was about a man…. I didn’t even come for you”.

On playing with Kidd and how it affects her loyalty to Ozo (which she demanded from him), Nengi said she told Ozo to play with other people too as she didn’t like them being together all the time.

She emphasised that if she liked a guy, she’d “comport herself” when she’s with him and also voiced her displeasure with Kidd saying if he wanted her, he’d get her. Kidd clarified this statement, noting that he didn’t try to say Nengi is an easy target.

He said everybody kept saying he liked her and he reacted with that statement to let people know that he didn’t have any intention of pursuing a relationship with her.

Nengi further made a statement that Kidd kept talking about his father’s wealth but Kidd said he never mentioned that.

However, Kaisha raised her hand and gave a couple of instances, some of which Kidd disagreed with and some he said are not him showing off. He added that him living his normal life might be a show-off to her (Kaisha).

Y’all remember the Saturday night party when people, including Ozo, insinuated something went on between Kidd and Nengi in the bathroom? Well, we saw the clip last night and they both insisted they can’t remember what was happening that night because of the drinks they had. But it was nothing like what it looked like, they said.

The Kaisha-Neo-Vee situation.

On her situation with Neo, Kaisha said she liked him but not anymore. She said she didn’t go into the house with the intention of getting into a relationship.

She also said she knew Neo was with Vee but when she was fed up with the whole situation with everybody was when she was evicted. That was why she told Ebuka in her post-eviction interview that she was down for a relationship with Neo.

She also revealed Neo told her that if Vee hadn’t approached him first, he would have approached her (Kaisha).

Meanwhile, Neo insisted he didn’t like Kaisha and said she flirted with him a couple of times in the house. Ka3na said she noticed but asked why Neo continued to lead Kaisha on. As Neo maintained his stance, Kaisha got upset and walked out of the studio calling him a liar.

On Lilo and Eric.

Lilo clarified that when she said she felt like Eric took advantage of her, she meant that he took advantage of the fact that she was “feeling him” in the house.

Eric said when he heard about it after his eviction, he called to ask her about what he had heard and she said “go and watch the clip”. He was taken aback but told her he didn’t want to watch but wanted to hear from her.

Lilo said that when she heard stuff about him, she didn’t ask him, she watched the clip. Eric said he gave up trying to resolve whatever issue they had about a week after his eviction and they went for an interview together. “She came in like she wanted to win the interview.” He said he didn’t have energy for drama so he left it at that.

To wrap up this episode,  we got a question from a viewer to Laycon about whether he achieved his goal of promoting his music in the house.

Laycon said his EP was about 100k streams when he was going into the house and by the time he came out, it was 7m streams. “It’s 30m streams right now by the way.” So it’s safe to say that he definitely achieved that goal.

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