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#BNxBBNaija6 Weekly Recap: Week Three in Biggie’s House was Full of Drama

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The third of Big Brother Naija season 6 was one drama-packed week. From HOH Pere’s choice to relieve Whitemoney of his kitchen duties to the many fights, broken and yet to sail ships, parties, games and eviction.

ee how the Shine Ya Eye geng held it down in the third week.

Day 16: New Housemates, more problems?

Day 16: New Housemates, more problems? – BBNaija

The old ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates seemed to be unbothered about their new colleagues – and it got us curious. The New ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates Michael, Kayvee, Queen and JKM settled in just fine in Biggie’s House.

Monday night’s are Head of House nights in the Big Brother Naija House; a weekly contest where Housemates compete for the coveted Head of House position – a post that comes with access to the luxurious Head of House Room, some fancy bling and – most importantly – the power to Veto any Housemate’s Nomination and put one’s own choice in his or her place. First was Peace, then came Boma, and tonight, it was HOH Pere’s turn.

As reigning Head of House, Boma was required to sit this one out and help Big Brother rearrange the play area after each of the Housemates had their go. It must be hard, watching from the sidelines, knowing that your time at the top is up. For Boma, there must have been some added pressure – as the first (and so far, only) Head of House to have exercised his Veto Power, he really must have been nervous that Yousef might win.

It started with the obligatory reading of the rules of the game; yes, we’ve heard them before, but it never hurts to make sure everybody remembers, and there are new Housemates, remember? Anyway, it’s just something we need to endure, so we do – perhaps a little less than gracefully.

Cross kicked off the festivities, and subsequently proved that probability is a fickle thing – pure chance would suggest that he would have thrown a six (starting him down the course) way earlier than he actually did. But no; it was obvious he was not going to be the next Head of House. In the interests of brevity, we will refrain from giving you a blow-by-blow account of every Housemate’s attempt at the course, and keep it restricted to the highlights (and some of the lowlights): Whitemoney was the first to get started within a reasonably short amount of time, giving him an early lead, but that was followed by an early exit, when he landed on the 15th space… “GAME OVER”.

Nini threw a six on her first attempt, moving on the course after no time at all, finishing on the 13th space, and taking the lead. Jackie B… managed to roll a 6.  And that’s it. It took her so long to get off the blocks, that the buzzer rang before she could actually progress. Sammie took a while to get off the blocks, but then threw two 6’s in a row, followed by a five, which would put him on 11… which means “START OVER”, then the time ran out, which means… Sammie got zilch.

Cross… didn’t fare much differently:  “START OVER”, then the buzzer. May as well have stayed seated. Liquorose threw a six on her first attempt, getting an early move onto the course. Unfortunately, she immediately had to get past a tiresome obstacle, but she ended her run on the 14th space – and in the lead.

Yousef then started his attempt… and got nowhere. Literally. He totally failed to roll a six and get off the starting block. Boma breathes easy.

Pere then blew it out the park – a quick start, some lucky throws, missed all the obstacles, and ran like blazes. His last roll of the dice went out of bounds, leaving people unsure of whether or not it would count, but just right then, it didn’t matter – he had taken the lead, no matter what.

Saskay had an alright time of it, until right after her attempt, when Biggie reminded her that she had been told she was not allowed to wear shoes during the Head of House Game, and her score was set to zero. Her nervous laughter had Biggie ask her to, “kindly share the joke.” The laughter ended, chop-chop.

Tega had her score reduced to zero too – not her fault. It was punishment for moving the marker incorrectly, but she had only been listening to her fellow Housemates, who were also given a stern rebuke by Biggie. Oooh… lot’s of people getting into wahala, tonight!

Not Pere, though. His score held the lead, and he became the new Head of House and won Immunity from the week’s Nominations process. He chose Maria to be his Deputy.

Day 16: Housemates are on the line – BBNaija

Housemates are on the line

Pere, after winning this week’s Head of House game was immune from Nomination. Joining him in Immunity were new Housemates Michael, Kayvee, JMK and Queen.

Boma, with no hesitation, Nominated Saskay and Princess. Cross who was filled with doubt after giving one name, was asked by Biggie to kindly hurry up with his Nomination. Housemates were warned not to discuss their Nominations amongst each other.

The Nominations went something like this:

  • Boma – Saskay; Princess
  • Cross – Princess; Tega
  • Saga – Princess; Tega
  • Whitemoney – Arin; Jaypaul
  • Nini – Princess; Emmanuel
  • Jackie B – Saga; Nini
  • Sammie – Tega; Princess
  • Jaypaul – Maria; Peace
  • Liquorose – Saga; Arin
  • Arin – Emmanuel; Tega
  • Yousef – Arin; Boma
  • Princess – Saga; Arin
  • Pere – Princess; Saskay
  • Saskay – Whitemoney; Nini
  • Peace – Tega; Princess
  • Emmanuel – Arin; Angel
  • Tega – Nini; Arin
  • Angel – Princess; Emmanuel
  • Maria – Arin; Angel

Nothing turns stomachs more than the sound of suspense just before Biggie announces your fate. Anxious faces were seen in the House eagerly waiting for the names to be dropped. Princess, Arin, Saga, Nini, Emmanuel and Tega were the Housemates with the most Nominations. Pere, using his Veto Power saved Saga, and replaced him with Saskay, which seemed to hit hard for Peace. Or is it that she was crying for Arin?

Day17: Peria in the luxury suite

House under the Ship’s directive. The incoming #BBNaija Head of House was met with a very challenging task of sorting through the grocery shopping the Housemates bought on Sunday. Pere and Maria, his Deputy Head of House, grabbed the bull by its horns, literally taking control minutes after the Nomination show ended.

Day17: Peria in the luxury suite – BBNaija

Many of these were the loaves of bread in the kitchen that had to be claimed by their ‘buyers’. We hope we won’t witness more fights for bread this week because food is obviously a trigger for commotion in Biggie’s House. ?

Pere gathered his fellow Housemates in the garden and delivered a Pere-style speech, as he thanked the outgoing HoH Boma and the first one, Peace. We are sure he learned a lot from their dramatic experiences in the last two weeks. The Housemates genuinely seem excited about Pere leading them this week.

Taking it to the luxurious bedroom, Pere and Maria were giving us ‘we’re on vacation vibes’ but it’s too hot in the bedroom for Maria. She needed someone to ‘go into the vents’. They also had a little chat where Maria was complaining about cleaning the bathroom after 22 other people use it.

They explored the bedroom looking for secret food and liquor, which Boma apparently told Pere about. Turns out Boma was talking about the Executive Lounge, where the Housemates can enjoy plenty of delicacies, but cannot be brought outside the room. You should have seen the disappointment on Pere’s face! ?

Day 17: Explaining their Nominations – BBNaija

Explaining their Nominations

It wasn’t just who they didn’t connect with, a few other things came to play when the Housemates made their Nominations.

Although a few of the Housemates said they were sad about having to Nominate one another for Eviction, they did know it was a job that had to be done no matter what. During their session with Biggie in the Diary Room, the Housemates explained their reasons for the Nominations they made.

Clique wars

Interestingly, Boma proposed that there was a battle of cliques in the House and the choices of Nominations were largely influenced by Princess that. He made mention of the Musketeers consisting of Arin, Nini, Peace and Saga on one side while Tega and Princess were on the other. Jaypaul and Whitemoney corroborated this theory saying they were going after each other and ended up putting each other up for Eviction.

1628635716 56 my post


For Liquorose, she just found their Arin and Nini’s strength as a clique becoming a threat and decided it was in her best interest to Nominate them. In the same vein, Princess nominated both Saga and Arin. Saskay felt threatened by Whitemoney and Nini. She saw them as big competition and took the necessary measures.

No connection

Not all the Housemates share that special bond or share any at all and for Arin, the lack of bond or connection was why she put up Emmanuel. Angel and Nini also nominated Emmanuel and Princess for the same reasons. Cross’ inability to connect with Princess and Tega prompted him to Nominate them.

Boma and Peace had the same issue with Princess. Jackie B said she wasn’t getting along with Saga and Nini and since they were both fond of spending time together, she decided to put them both up. There was no point separating them from getting Nominated together.

Trust issues or payback?

After the wildcard episode, Jaypaul just couldn’t come around to trusting Maria and he explains that this is why he Nominated her. This was also the same reason he put up Peace. He blames her for being the major reason why the House picked him as the Wildcard. It didn’t help that she kept smiling in his face while going around persuading the rest of the Housemates to put him up. Nominating her was for his own safety. He couldn’t trust her to have his back.

1628634708 56 screenshot 2021 08 10 at 17.42.33

The vibe just isn’t right

Maria’s reason for Nominating Arin was because she believes she wasn’t being 100% genuine with her cause she was also not being genuine towards her. “I don’t think her love towards me is not genuine… I just reciprocate her vibe,” she said. Emmanuel also shared this line of thought as his reason for Nominating Arin, but for Angel, he thought she was just a distraction while Maria thought Angel didn’t understand boundaries and pretends to come off as sweet.

Peace and Arin share a common perception of Tega. Peace complained she never apologizes and was always bossy while Arin sees Tega as being antagonistic and with very unpredictable energy. Tega on her part finds Arin very annoying and that’s why she Nominated her alongside Nini.

Save and Replace

Pere had no hard feelings saving Saga and replacing him with Saskay. He didn’t consider her a strong candidate and that’s why he Nominated her earlier. Boma also didn’t consider her mentally strong or capable to be in the House too and that’s why he Nominated her.

1628634677 56 screenshot 2021 08 10 at 22.12.29

The newbies

Since they weren’t able to nominate anyone, it was basically a chill experience for them. They did make their first trip to the Diary Room to share their thoughts about the House. JMK loved being in the House but could sense disunity. In her opinion, she feels the Housemates made themselves into groups with people with whom they had better bonds.

Kayvee loved the vibes, but was more concerned with things he needed to get by in the House when he made his request to Biggie. Michael hopes to grow in the House and he also threw in a request for more music. Queen talked about bonding with the other Housemates.

Day 18: All eyes on the ‘Kitchen Monopoly’

Day 18: All eyes on the ‘Kitchen Monopoly’ – BBNaija

As we have all seen, Whitemoney had been holding things down in the #BBNaija kitchen, making sure that all the Housemates are fed.

This morning, Pere took Princess aside to talk to her privately about her stepping in and taking over kitchen duties from Whitemoney, who has been prominent in the kitchen since day one.

This was the first time we saw the Head of House trying to make sweeping changes where kitchen activities in the House are concerned. Pere took the House by storm, laying out various rules to keep the House clean and coordinated, military-style; and the kitchen seemed to be of particular interest.

Pere seemed to be on the lookout for Princess who was Nominated for possible Eviction this week, reminding her that they are all in the House to play a game – and kitchen monopoly is also a strategy, just like winning Head of House is.

Princess responded to Pere saying she has cooked for up to 300 people before, but she couldn’t take up cooking every day for many people, because her stay in the #BBNaija House is more of a vacation for her.

There was also the issue of people being too critical about food and getting into fights, which is a door she was not trying to open because of the stress it brings. Princess also expressed that it takes someone with experience to make things come together in the kitchen and Whitemoney was doing a good job at this.

Princess, however, feelt that Pere should get someone else to handle the kitchen and she was willing to assist. The keyword here was ‘assist’. She wanted to help out, but she didn’t want the pressure that comes with feeding many mouths. We also wonder what would happen if Whitemoney was no longer in the House? Would this be a cause for starvation or more intense food feuds?

Pere seemed to be on a mission to solicit takers for cooking duty but had surprisingly not had an open conversation with Whitemoney about this yet.

Bread and beef

Day 19: ‘Black Shines Brightest’ with our Housemates

Music lives in the BBNaija House.

The theme for the Guiness task was “Let Your Black Shine Through” and it was coined from Guinness’ brand campaign – Black Shines Brightest. The campaign celebrated individuals coming together with creativity and optimism to make an impact in their world.

The House was divided into three teams, each representing one of the 3 Guinness variants: Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Team Guinness Gold and Team Guinness Smooth.

The task showcased the Housemates creativity through their diverse expressions in music by tapping into their creative and authentic expressions.

Day 19: 'Black Shines Brightest' with our Housemates – BBNaija

To help the Housemates, a beat was played intermittently within the House, serving as an opportunity to create the song and rehearse their presentation as a team. The teams had to use the manifesto as inspiration for their lyrics and execution. Housemates were required to perform their song live over the beat and each team judged on how well they creatively shine through the lyrics and their stage performance.

Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, was off to a great start with Cross as their MC but showed how Pere’s calculation of the verse-to-bridge ratio fell off the bandwagon with their limited time. However, they received a generous score of 21 points. Given their competitive spirit, Team FES thinks they lost because they didn’t finish their song.

Team Guinness Smooth nominated Yousef as their MC and he was lively as ever with his intro, illuminating the viewers with his exaggerated gestures and roaring voice. JMK and Jackie B stole the show with their choreography on Boma as he stood in his stillness just casually showing off his snatched body. Although this interesting bit caught most of our eyes, they received a score of 13 points for their creativity, style and rhythm

The winner’s circle

Team Guinness Gold picked Peace as their MC and gave an interestingly rhythmic performance with bold stage presence and an illuminating articulation of their lyrics. With a score of 23 points, they won the Challenge and received a beautiful commendation for internalizing the manifesto.

Congratulations to Nini, Princess, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace and Tega for winning a cash prize of 500 000 Naira each and a six months’ supply of Guinness.

Pere appoints a new kitchen cabinet – BBNaija

In a bid to break the “kitchen monopoly”, Pere selected a new Kitchen Cabinet to take over pertinent kitchen business.

In what looked like a major power play, Pere finally took the reins of the kitchen from Whitemoney. According to him, there was no reason a single Housemate should have a monopoly on the kitchen, and it was only right that other Housemates take turns cooking. Besides, he thought this will take the load off Whitemoney.

1628761336 56 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 09.52.00

The build-up to the takeover

The kitchen takeover didn’t just appear out of the blue. Pere had been working hard at this alongside his Deputy, Maria. Both were seen trying to convince other Housemates on why it is about time that Whitemoney gave up his hold of the kitchen.

The first Task was convincing people on why this change was necessary and the next was to find a replacement. Pere earlier tried to convince Princess to take over, but he didn’t quite get the response he wanted.


Pere did say he wanted less monopoly of the kitchen, but during conversations with Maria, it was clear he suspected Whitemoney of monopolizing the kitchen as a strategy to endear himself to the Housemates and curry favour. He believed this was Whitemoney’s game plan to have the Housemates wrapped around his chef fingers and possibly extend his stay in the House.

1628762172 56 screenshot 2021 08 11 at 20.18.55

Unfortunately, he didn’t think the Housemates were smart enough to see this. Maria also shared his concerns, although her grudge with Whitemoney also stemed from personal clashes.

1628761466 56 screenshot 2021 08 11 at 20.18.14

Whitemoney wasn’t unaware of their motives either. He was quite certain Pere and Maria had it in for him, especially since the whole Wildcard debacle, where Whitmoney caught on to the two. He said as much in a conversation with JMK and Princess in the bedroom. “They knew I was onto them, but I decided not to say anything to the other Housemates, because I wanted us to all enjoy another week together,” Whitemoney said.

Watch the conversation here

Talents on display – BBNaija

It was a chill afternoon, and the BBNaija Housemates thought it was a good idea to put their talents on display.

Day 19: Talents on display – BBNaija

It was a show of talents at the Guinness “Let Your Black Shine Through” and this display had some of the BBNaija Housemates discussing their creative sides and even going further to put on a show.

1628784072 56 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 12.08.46

Showcasing Talent

Clearly, the Housemates aren’t just all talk. They are really about the talents they claim to have. To spice up the afternoon, Whitemoney, Kayvee, Queen, Boma and Sammie decided to put on a captivating drama performance in the garden.

1628784687 56 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 13.26.59

Whitemoney who recently got relieved of kitchen duties showed there was more to him than just cooking as he delivered a stellar performance. He played Boma’s stern dad who disapproved of his relationship with Queen and some of his other life choices. He must have been pretty upset or a really amazing actor because those are the only explanations for what happened below.

1628784152 56 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 13.53.59

It was nice to see Whitemoney try his hands at other things apart from cooking. We just didn’t think it would be Boma’s neck. It was also great watching the Housemates beam with pride as they talked about their passions. Hopefully, they stay long enough in the House to show us more of what they got.

Day 19: The Unbeatable Football Task – BBNaija

The Unbeatable Football Task

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng were taken through their paces via the ‘Unbeatable Football’ Task, courtesy of SuperSport. The Task was divided into three categories with the first two being a cross-word puzzle and a jig-saw puzzle. The third part was an Art Task. The Task happened in two phases with the first two categories taking place within 60 minutes.

The Housemates were divided into four groups in order to take part in the Task. The groups were; Team Premium, Team Compact, Team Max, Team Jolly. A box containing the team names was provided and each Housemate picked one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names played as a group.

The team that accurately solves their puzzles in the earliest time would win the round. If at the end of 60 minutes, no team was able to solve the puzzles, the four teams would automatically earn zero points for the round.

The second phase of the Supersport “Unbeatable Football” Task involved the Housemates performing an Art Task where they creatively explained what “Unbeatable” meant to them, through painting or drawing. Their painting must exude what they felt “Unbeatable” meant to their team from their experiences around family, work and lifestyle in general.

1628784219 56 puzzle 5

Housemates had 60 minutes to brainstorm and discuss their ideas before proceeding to the Arena for the painting challenge. Each team was given one hour to make their painting.

After the painting session, each team had 5 minutes to present their painting and share with Big Brother the inspiration behind their art piece.

Team Jolli wins first challenge

Day 19: Team Jolli wins first challenge – BBNaija

The Unbeatable Football Task came right on time for the English Premier League. It was a true test of speed and football knowledge with a touch of creativity.

The Shine Ya Eye geng had to dig up their football trivia in an effort to solve football-themed crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

The Housemates were divided into four teams:  

  • Team Premium
  • Team Compact
  • Team Max
  • Team Jolli

For the crossword puzzle, each team had to solve five clubs from the 20 English Premier League clubs using the alphabets from the black bag attached to their easel. For the jigsaw puzzle, teams were to identify and complete two football league or club competition logos using the puzzle pieces provided.

1628803131 27 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 17.43.01

The Housemates scrambled to put faces on these puzzles and Team Jolli consisting of Maria, Yousef, Emmanuel, Arin and Liquorose completed the activity first, making it seem way too easy. Biggie then asked them to assist the other teams that had not yet completed their tasks.

We didn’t know that Maria was all clued up on football team names, but the team was bound to be strong since Arin mentioned that Yousef held the team together because he knew everything.

The winning team received a reward of N1 500 000 to share among themselves.

The other Housemates, however, seriously need to brush up on their football knowledge because Big Brother even dropped a little shade saying that some of them wouldn’t be able to complete it even if they were given 24 hours to do it.

1628801357 27 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 17.43.32

Day 20: The Abeg debate – BBNaija

Points were made by both sides, but the winner still remains a mystery.

Day 20: The Abeg debate – BBNaija

For their Abeg Task this week, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates were asked to organize and hold a debate on finance. Divided into two teams, they both reeled out points trying to counter each other and secure victory.

Getting Started

For this debate, the House was divided into two teams of male and female. The two teams had to deliberate and unanimously choose one topic from the options below:

  1. Family finance: couples should operate joint accounts. Yes Or No.
  2. The impact of digital transformation in financial services.

They eventually went for the former and retired to different sections of the House to prepare to deliver a phenomenal debate.

Impromptu Fashion Show

Stunned by how dashing the Housemates looked when they arrived at the Arena for the debate, Biggie suggested they open up with an impromptu fashion show to show off their attires. Turning the Arena into a fashion runway, the Housemates strutted like models from international fashion shows.

1628892283 56 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 20.22.56

Debate Time

Done showing off, the geng got down to the business of the day – the debate. The gentlemen kicked it off with Pere and Sage representing the guys for the first round. They both succinctly made their points justifying the need for couples to operate joint accounts. Up next were Saskay and Peace who came to counter the points the boys made and point out how women stood at a disadvantage operating joint accounts. There were two more rounds after that with Cross, Jaypaul, Boma and Michael representing the guys while Angel, Maria, Nini and Arin represented the girls.

1628893384 56 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 21.03.55 1

The gift…

At the end of the debate, Biggie felt some of the Housemates deserved a reward Jackie B, Boma, Emmanuel Liquorose, were the recipient of this reward. He gave each of them 250 Abeg Nair for their outstanding look.

1628892314 56 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 21.07.44

Peace who delivered a phenomenal presentation during the debate was rewarded by Biggie for her eloquence. He gave her 500 Abeg Naira. For the eventual winner of the debate, they will have to wait a while to find out.

1628892220 56 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 21.09.16

…and the punishment

For infringing on House rules, Maria, Liquorose and Peace were barred from the HoH bedroom for the next two weeks starting from Monday. Whether they win HoH or not, they will sleep in the common bedroom. This punishment was meted out to them because Maria invited both Peace and Liquorose into the HoH room. A privilege reserved only for the Head of House.

1628893450 56 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 21.14.55

Day 21: The naughtiest Jacuzzi Party yet – BBNaija

There was lots of bumpin’ and plenty of grindin’ at last night’s barbecue.

Day 21: The naughtiest Jacuzzi Party yet – BBNaija

Following a jam-packed evening of debate, hunger, and trading insults, the Housemates finally put it all behind (for the moment at least) and let their hair down in a very sexy way at the Friday Jacuzzi barbeque.

At first, it had looked like the fierce fighting over food had put a damper on the festivities, and the night would go bust before it had even started, but not on Cross’s watch! As military man Pere divvied up the noodles and Princess went on a loud tirade, Cross walked around the House yelling “The Jacuzzi is now open and whether you are hungry or not, it’s time to party” in the direction of anyone with a working ear.

Resisting food hoarders

Reluctantly, but clearly needing the break, the Housemates shook off the bad vibes and headed to the bedrooms to change into tiny bikinis and shorts.

The ice-cold Guinness was hauled out and so was the grill, which was immediately fired up by Whitemoney, who is back in the kitchen. The meat he and Angel had marinaded was thrown on – and with Biggie providing the soundtrack, it was time to party!

At first, the ladies danced coyly, whining to the beat while staring at their reflections in the House mirrors, but after a couple of drinks, it was on! Queen gave everyone a show as she twerked like a pro. Pretty soon, Boma sidled up to her and the two did so much bumping and grinding, they looked like they were in a sexy 90s music video; a music video of the H-Town “Knocking Da Boots” variety.

Not to be outdone, Maria got into the zone and got down with Cross, Boma and Michael, and wiggled with all her might. Later, she looked like she was regretting everything and had to be whisked away by Liquorose who got her into bed.

1628937360 28 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 23.25.46

Saga was glued to Nini the whole night (no surprises here) and after dancing outside the Jacuzzi, the two decided to jump in and get wet. Saga pinned Nini to a corner as the jets blasted and spent the rest of the evening bobbing around with the apple of his eye.

We’re not sure if this means they are now on talking terms, but Angel gave Sammie what looked to be an impressive lapdance. Nothing like a good ol’ booty-hop to break the ice and ease tensions, huh?

1628937396 28 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 23.38.31

Peace, on the other hand, was having so much fun she almost climbed the pillars in the garden. She and Cross got down in a corner, then Jaypaul appeared out of thin air and took over. Later, when a giggly Peace told Michael she wanted to talk to him, Arin immediately whisked her away.

Liquorose, as we have come to expect, left her whole soul on the floor and danced like she was in battle. Head of House Pere didn’t interact much at the party, choosing instead to dance next to Whitemoney and the grill, dark shades plastered on his face. Keeping an eye on the chicken, perhaps? ? Just kidding, Pere. ?

1628937507 28 screenshot 2021 08 13 at 23.58.42

What was peculiar though is how he seemed to avoid Maria, the object of his affections and current Deputy Head of House. When she splashed water on him and tried having a conversation as he was dancing in the Jacuzzi earlier in the evening, he didn’t seem interested. Yikes!

All in all a successful night that ended with hungry mouths being fed and ships being strengthened (we hope?). One person who had a rough end to her night however, is Tega.

“Who unlaid my bed?”

Tega will not let disrespect go in silence. Early in the morning, after the Friday night Jacuzzi party, things took an unexpected turn in the #BBNaija House.

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