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Chef Emeka’s Family Confirm His Sad Passing | Read Waje, Lala Akindoju, Adebola Williams’ Tribute



The family of Vincent Emeka Eloagu, widely known as Chef Emeka has confirmed his sad death, “as a result of an attack on him in his residence. ”

Chef Emeka was a renowned chef in Abuja – the Head Chef and CEO of Helena’s Restaurant. The 37-year-old culinary author and teacher is survived by his wife Chidinma Vincent-Elaogu, siblings and his mother.

The unpleasant announcement was made in an official statement shared on Instagram. Read the statement below:

Celebrities and friends of Chef Emeka, including Lala Akindoju, Waje, Latasha Ngwube and Adebola Williams have taken to social media to share their grief and offer condolences to his family in emotional tributes. See some of them below:

Adebola Williams

Emeka, there would have never been a good time for you to go, but I never thought it would be so soon nor on such an important week in the life of Kehinde and I.

You were a brother and half. A soldier who stans. A true and dependable one in all seasons. Kind, gentle, and giving.Our comedian with no salary. No one has the wittiest comments, funniest stories, and smartest comebacks than you.

You cooked the best meals, you were generous with your craft, and you wanted to give so you die empty. My friend, we will miss you. I am a little stronger now so we can pen this, but this is not the tribute. Just a holder as I cross this milestone — one that you would have wanted me to do in joy and happiness.

My brother, my friend. Rest in God’s glory. Rest.

Lala Akindoju

It is actually real. Emeka died. This is the most difficult thing I have had to process. Not just because our dear friend and brother died too soon, but because he was taken from us by evil people.

I met EMEKA through @modupe.saltlagos when they were studying at Cordon Bleu. I went to spend some time with her but it was Emeka that took me out almost every day. He took me everywhere in Paris. We toured the entire city & I no longer needed Modupe on that trip. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to eat any fancy food and we instantly became friends.

Fast forward to 2017, dating and eventually marrying @chef_fregz , we became family. You and Gbubemi’s brotherhood was beautiful to watch I was always forcing myself inside your gist because you both will talk for hours. Your big sister became his big sister and he would always use her and her husband as examples.

You always treated me specially Emeka, specially. Random messages when I was pregnant, asking me what you should pick from the registry for Adeore, and teasing me about missing your wedding.

I remember our last visit to your home just before I left for Greece, (I’m so glad we saw you before we came to Lagos), our last meal with you- white Rice and stew. We talked about so many things for the future the most exciting was how you’ll meet Adeoreofe this week. You’re meant to be in Lagos now Emeka, we were meant to dance together last night, set up and prep for tomorrow amidst jokes and the razz English we always spoke.

But you’re not here, and it feels like a horror film. I have so many questions as I keep creating scenarios of how your last moments would have been- you loved God, you loved people, you loved your family and you loved your wife deeply.

It’s hard. It’s painful. Carrying on with work and life this week has been weird. I don’t get it but I surrender because we have committed to trusting God when it makes sense and when it doesn’t, we trust God in good times and bad times and I pray for supernatural strength for your siblings, your mum and your wife.

We all will answer this call of death but this is way too soon. Rest Well Emeka ♥️

Latasha Ngwube

I do not like the way I’ve had to say goodbye to good friends turned family…it’s become all too familiar yet no less painful. Alternating between shock and numbness, reality and memories- When did we last see? Were there signs? What was our last conversation? Was it meaningful?

I hate these posthumous rhetorical questions because it’s just so unfair!!! @chefemeka all I can say is you touched me and mine. You always had a spot for me, for us, on your table whenever I was in your city.

I’ll miss you buddy. We are all hurting but God knows why. I read through our chat from just last week and tears keep streaming down my face because there was so much to look forward to. The best was still ahead! My deepest condolences to your family, your wife… and really us all. ???? RIP brother.


Your last message to me was this from your archives. This one hit hard. Nna, all I can say is Rest Well. To my sister, his eyes is on the sparrow.

Photo Credit: @debolalagos

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    August 7, 2021 at 10:33 pm

    SAD! May he RIP

    I am very pained by his passing


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