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From Jaypaul’s Bouquet to Biggie’s Gallery Wall – Week 8 in the #BBNaija6 House was Full of Surprises



Day 44: The Nominations are in

Another set of Housemates; Saga, Liquorose, Whitemoney, Jaypaul, Saskay, Queen and Jackie B were Nominated for Eviction on Sunday. Barely recovered from the recent Evictions that took place during the Live Eviction Show, the Housemates were called up to Nominate a fresh batch of Housemates for possible Eviction.

Usually, the Housemates have their Head of House games before the Nominations, but this time Nominations came first. Each of the Housemates made their way into the Diary Room in turns and Nominated two Housemates.

Here’s how they Nominated:

AngelEmmanuel and Saga

Cross – Saga and Liquorose

Emmanuel – Yousef and Jackie B

Jackie B – Pere and Saga

JaypaulNini and Pere

Liquorose – Saga and Cross

Nini – Pere and Jaypaul

Pere – Angel and Whitemoney

Queen – Saskay and Pere

Saga – Jackie B and Jaypaul

Saskay – Whitemoney and Liquorose

Whitemoney – Saga and Saskay

Yousef – Emmanuel and Queen

At the end of the Nomination round, the following Housemates were called by fellow Housemates.

Angel – 1

Cross – 1

Emmanuel – 2

Jackie B – 2

Jaypaul – 2

Liquorose – 2

Nini  1

Pere – 4

Queen – 1

Saga – 5

Saskay – 2

Whitemoney – 2

Yousef – 1

Pere, Saga, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Whitemoney, Jaypaul, Saskay, and Jackie B were the Housemates Nominated for possible Eviction, however, they had one opportunity to remove themselves from this list during the Head of House games.

1630951690 56 screenshot 2021 09 06 at 20.01.36

Emmanuel and Pere were the lucky ones to take advantage of this opportunity. Emmanuel won the Head of House game and earned the Immunity to get off the list of Nominated Housemates while Pere was the second runner-up and was bestowed with the ave and replace power. He immediately saved and replaced himself with Queen.

Nominated Housemates

As it stood, Saga, Liquorose, Whitemoney, Jaypaul, Saskay, Queen and Jackie B were the Housemates Nominated for Eviction on Sunday.

Whitemoney kisses Queen

Peck or not – Whitemoney kissed Queen and we are excited about this blossoming ship.

Day 44: Whitemoney kisses Queen – BBNaija

Whitemoney and Queen may just be lovestruck and we are loving this ship, from their love for cooking to hilarious flirting; we have been getting a front-row seat into that Whitemoney and Queen kind of love.

Their love for food had them giving the most iconic description of how they would prepare their meals for each other. We know if this romance blooms, their home is set for a healthy and bountiful household with warm and hearty meals.

1630944096 28 screenshot 2021 09 06 at 16.45.22

While chatting, Queen spontaneously mentioned her wish to become Head of House one day but needs the strength – and a kiss would do her right in keeping her energy up for the HoH Challenges.

Whitemoney was shyly hesitant at first but was curious to know exactly how Queen’s energy could possibly be replenished by his kiss. We guess it; he has that Supa Komando touch. Well, peck or not the two shared a kiss and it’s the most intimate we’ve seen them before.

1630943883 27 screenshot 2021 09 06 at 16.46.32

After his earlier revelation about being an emotional person, we guess Whitemoney has found some meaningful connection with Queen given that they spend a lot of time together, from the kitchen to the parties – these two are inseparable lately.

Although they haven’t made anything official, we are curious to see how this “love interest” plays out. How much time will Whitemoney need to work on himself before he can actually ship with her, or will he just grab this opportunity and set sail already.

Whatever the case may be, we know that Whitemoney vowed to learn as much as he can about love in the House before his time is up. Could Queen be the one to teach him?

Day 45: A goldfish surprise

Never did the Housemates think they would be faced with such a cute challenge.

Big Brother surprised the remaining thirteen Housemates with a gift they never expected. Out in the garden were the thirteen fishbowls, each designated to one of the Shine Ya Eye geng.?

Here was their message from Biggie:

Good evening Housemates,

Big Brother hopes you are happy to receive your new pets.

Your pets will remain in the house for the entirety of your stay in Big Brother’s house. Unless Big Brother changes the game.

As stated in your rule book, you are expected to take good care of them.

For this reason, a booklet has been provided to guide you on how best to do this.

Big Brother will like you to see your fish as an extension of yourselves.

Feel free to do whatever you like to nurture the bond between you and your fish.

You may name them, sing to them, even feel free to gist, gossip or talk with them.

Only one rule applies here, whatever happens, you must keep them alive.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

Day 45: A goldfish surprise – BBNaija

We didn’t think the Housemates’ faces would ever shine brighter than they did when they were given their “musical gifts” last week. The goldfish effect looked like some form of therapy but some of their conversations had us wondering if they really knew how to take care of these fish.

“Yours looks hungry and skinny,” Nini said about Saga’s fish. We hope we don’t witness a case of overfed fish because these new parents are eager. Jaypaul was also strumming away on the guitar, playing his own composition for his goldfish before asking it a few questions and welcoming it to the House.?

1630969639 27 bbn s6 landscape video overlays purlpe 5

They have started naming their new “Housemates” already! Saskay named her goldfish “Teka,” which she said means “Treasure”. Nini named hers “Jemi” and Saga’s is “Neon”. Angel was speaking some kind of baby language with her “Cranky” and at some point, we heard Whitemoney referring to his as “Agelebembem”.

We were also quite amused by some of your predictions about the Housemate’s week with their pet goldfish.? Some of you already gave these new additions personalities and some future predictions.

We saw Whitemoney cooking in the Kitchen with his little friend but accidentally adding him as an extra ingredient in one of his famous meals. Liquorose’s fish might grow legs because mama dances nonstop!

Saga’s fish and Nini’s fish will behave like siblings, well because mum and dad are inseparable. Yousef’s fish will be asleep most of the time and you know why. ? “Ladies and gentlemen!” are the words we’ll hear from the bubbles popping from Cross’ goldfish’s bowl. Best believe you will see it at all parties and games instigated by the fellow. Angel already started talking to “Cranky”, giving off a “besties” vibe.

1630969895 27 screenshot 2021 09 06 at 22.28.37

We can’t wait to see how the Housemates take care of their new pets during yet another Task-filled week in the #BBNaija House. We are also keen to read all your predictions about how this week will shape up for the Housemates and their strange new visitors.

Day 46: Housemates get a profound Diary Session

Housemates bore their innate thoughts with Biggie on their welfare, Evictions and their strategy should Biggie flip a switch in the Voting process.

Biggie had quite an interactive session with the Housemates in their Diary Sessions. He spoke to them about their coping mechanisms during Nominations and Evictions. How well they are faring with their new pets and how they would play the game if Biggie changed the rules to make Housemates vote who the winner of the show would be instead of the audience.

Day 46: Housemates get a profound Diary Session – BBNaija

How they are faring with their pets

The Housemates all gave positive responses about coping with their pets. For Whitemoney, his goldfish came to him during a time of joy. Hence he named his fish Obianuju. Yousef named his fish Nemo because of the cartoon ‘Finding Nemo’ which makes him remember when he was young and did not have any troubles.

Jaypaul said he was scared at first about taking care of his new pet but he is learning the hang of it thanks to the manual. He named his fish Athena after the Greek goddess of war because the stripes on his fish body remind him of a warrior.

Saskay told Biggie she got emotional when she got her pet but can’t explain why. She named her pet fish Teka, meaning ‘Destiny’s friend’ a name she got from a book she read a few years back. It seems like Teka and Saskay are one member short to make a Destiny’s Child trio.

Their coping mechanism
Nomination and Eviction nights can be quite taxing, so Biggy sought to know how they cope with the emotions that come with these important moments. Queen mentioned her coping mechanism was pushing calmness through whenever tense moments come around.

This is a skill she learnt outside the House when dealing with anxiety-inducing issues. Nini said she copes with Nominations and Evictions by having prepared herself before coming into the House with the idea that It’s okay to get Nominated and leave the House at any point in time.

Cross told Biggie, he deals with Nominations and Evictions differently. For Nominations, he sleeps off the anger he gets from being Nominated and he automatically feels good again. When it comes to Evictions, Cross says he lets nature take its course and does not try to stop the emotions that naturally come with such a moment.

Jackie B on her part said she stays expectant of Nominations and Evictions so it does not feel shocking when it eventually happens. Angel takes a religious approach to cope with Evictions and emotions as she told Biggie she prays and sings to get over the emotions that come with them.

How they will play the game if Biggie changes the rules
If Housemates were to vote who would be the winner and not the viewers, Saga said he would try to be a lot nicer to people and that he would try not to be too competitive at games.

Former HoH Liquorose, said she would be more strategic and make sure her fellow Housemates see a reason for them to Vote for her as the winner of the season. The current HoH Emmanuel said he will not change anything about himself and would definitely remain the same.

Day 47: Housemates get a Grandex retail experience

The Housemates took a walk down the aisle of retailing in the Grandex Store Task

Day 47: Housemates get a Grandex retail experience – BBNaija

Day 49: Biggie’s gallery wall surprise – BBNaija

Housemates received yet another surprise from Biggie and Jackie B was excited to see Michael’s picture.

Day 49: Biggie's gallery wall surprise - BBNaija

In the late hours of the evening, as the Housemates walked into the House they were greeted by an unfamiliar sight of colourful picture frames with images of the former BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates.

The 13 remaining Housemates gathered around the pictures as they shared their excitement to see these vibrant frames and their images. This surprise comes after Jackie B requested Biggie to put up a few images of Evicted Housemates and in particular an image of Michael which she firmly expressed was her first priority since she missed him now that he was out of the House.

We are here for Biggiee’s generosity and his proclivity for the most unsuspecting surprises, come on, this is the part we say, Biggie, is the Big Brother we all deserve!

This week had back to back surprises with things that we may have considered insignificant but the Housemates can’t just get enough of all their gifts, from the pets to being Jaypaul’s right-hand-man or perfect wingman. However you want to call it, Biggie is the plug here and we are here for it.

Housemates spent a part of their evening reminiscing about their times with former Housemates as they gazed on their wall of remembrance for the Shine Ya Eye geng. While it conjured up many emotions for a few Housemates as they shared their thoughts on how they are sad that certain Housemates had left, one thing that stood out is the way they all couldn’t help but show that they are all thankful and appreciative of the time they spent with the former Housemates.

Well, while we are still feeling all warm and mushy inside at this kind gesture, we are curious to know whose request will be granted next, Cross has asked for many things in his recent Diary Session, from the junk food he says is for health reasons to the Executive Lounge experience – we wonder if he will be as lucky.

Day 49: Forgotten Jacuzzi kisses

Some unexpected members of the Shine Ya Eye geng got close!

The weekend in the #BBNaija House could not have started any spicier than this. We all know that the Friday Jacuzzi Party is a breeding ground for Ships, but we were caught off guard on this one.

As the vibes kicked off in the garden after a quick muscle pumping session for the Shine Ya Eye guys, and some pizza gobbling, the Housemates gave us entertainment from left right and center of our screens.

Biggie once again surprised Whitemoney, Jaypaul and Saskay by playing their music during the party and this obviously added to the excitement vibrating through the House.

The geng shared some intimate moments, dancing in pairs and groups. We paid some attention to the EmmaRose Ship dancing together and it seems Liquorose’s dancing fascinates Emmanuel. After all, she has been teaching him some choreography while they spend private time in the Head of House bedroom.

1631354258 56 screenshot 2021 09 11 at 09.38.15

Angel was at one end grinding on Yousef for a long time and this led to her later telling him that he was now her main man after he said he would give her 500 Abeg Naira this week and next week. Uhm, we are not sure how Yousef keeps going back to Angel’s embrace after he once told Biggie that she was one of the Housemates he least trusted in the House. ?

1631354137 56 screenshot 2021 09 11 at 09.44.07

In the world of shocking news, we were surprised by the closeness between Cross and Queen! As the Jacuzzi party progressed, we saw them getting all cosied up, licking each other’s lips until they moved it to the jacuzzi and kissed with Whitemoney sitting right behind them enjoying his piece of chicken.

We could say he is the official face of unbothered, but the game is getting hotter, the closer we get to the final weeks of the reality show. We wondered if this is the beginning of something new between Cross and Queen – possibly a CrossQueen Ship? ?

1631353720 56 2

We can already tell that some of you support this development but knowing Queen, could this simply be one of her game tactics? She has, after all, had a bit of an intimate sample of most of the Shine Ya Eye guys by now.

Queen’s game is admirable however, the girl knows how to have fun and have it to the fullest, especially now as she appears to be joining forces with the Minister of fun himself.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves because this morning, when Cross woke up, he thought the kisses with Queen were all in his dreams and that he had been apparently frisky with Angel?

No Cross. Angel was busy with Yousef. Nini revealed to the geng that the drunken stupor took Cross and Queen to the bathroom where they were scrubbing each other’s back. You should have seen how confused he was! ?

1631354653 56 screenshot 2021 09 11 at 11.44.07

The Sasjay Ship was also rocking on different waves this week and it seemed Saskay was creating more boundaries. At one point, they broke up then we saw Jaypaul grande romantic gesture of delivering a bouquet to Saskay but it seems like that’s not enough for her.

While the rest of the Housemate engaged over a game of Truth or Dare, Saskay was telling Jaypaul about her previous relationships and she said she’s tired of love and the last time she fell in love it was a disaster. Why are we not surprised?

1631353266 56 1

Who are we to judge from the #BBNaija cruise which might as well be a strategy? Saskay also spoke of how she doesn’t want to be tied to one man. No wonder the back and forth between Jaypaul and Cross. We can’t get over Jaypaul’s sad face from the scene of this discussion.

Day 50: A party of intense energy

When a party has an intense amount of pre-party activities, you know it’s going to be lit. The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates know how to throw it down at any party and this Saturday was no different.

1631408199 56 dance3

The Preamble

Thanks to a few jams beamed by Biggie into the House, the party started with a little rehearsal in the Lounge with Queen, Yousef and Nini. A few minutes later Angel was also spotted in the Room pulling a few dance moves of her own. Seeing all this, we knew for sure the party was going to be fire!?

One person who didn’t stop giving us some pre-party jitters was Yousef. Even when his fellow dance partners got tired, this man continued to rehearse some cool dance steps in front of the Lounge mirror.

At some point, Liquorose came over to cheer him on and then told him to imitate some of the Housemates which he did to the delight of the others. First to be mimicked was evicted Housemate Boma, and then Saga.

1631408329 56 dance5

Party Proper

The Housemates were welcomed into the Party Room with music from DJ Joenel.  The steppers stepped, the couples coupled, and the drinkers drank their fill.

Liquorose was sure fire with her moves and gave some of these moves while coupled up with Cross and Pere. Saga as usual stuck with Nini half the Party and also had erotic dance moments with her.

Saskay and Jaypaulalso did not let us down on the coupling and gave fire moves while with each other. Let’s not take the fun away from the ‘singles’; they also gave us amazing moments on the dancefloor. Queen, Yousef, Cross, Jackie B and the other Housemates owned their space on the dance floor

1631408494 56 p2

Post-party drama

After the party, Angel noticed there was no music as usual and beckoned Biggie to do the needful. When she realized Biggie was not at her beck and call, she called on Saskay to ask why she was missing from the party room.

Saskay replied that she simply found it hard to go back into the party room after coming out for a little air. Angel and Saskay carried on about Angel’s inability to properly ‘arrange’ her bosom and a few more bants before Angel went into the House leaving Saskay and Jaypaul alone in the Garden.

1631409877 56 kiss

While in the House, the music suddenly came on and Angel was spotted having a raunchy dance with Cross. Going back to the garden, Jaypaul was also seen kissing Saskay. So is it safe to say the triangle is finally dismantled?

Cross was later seen in the dining area with Nini trying to hand her a condom, a gesture she detested and was quick to check him on. The two had a break when Whitemoney’s song came on and he rushed out to dance near them alongside a few other Housemates.

After the Whitemoney episode, the two continued with Cross trying to get information about Nini’s sexual history to which Nini replied she was not sexually active.

1631409962 56 kiss2

Live Show 9 – 12 Sep: Jackie B and Jaypaul are Evicted!

On Day 50 of the Shine Ya Eye Season, Jackie B and Jaypaul were asked to leave Big Brother’s House.

Live Show 9 – 12 Sep: Jackie B and Jaypaul are Evicted! – BBNaija

Another Sunday, another cracking Live Eviction Show! After last week’s quadruple Eviction, we suppose the Big Brother Housemates were grateful that tonight only saw two of the Housemates pack their bags and head home.

After the usual recap of the week, Ebuka took us into the House to chat with the week’s Head of House and Deputy Head of House, the ubiquitous EmmaRose. When asked to describe an “entertaining Housemate”, Emmanuel responded, “someone who’s entertaining.” Gee, Emmanuel – you’re a real Shakespeare. During his conversation with Ebuka, Pere took the chance to remind everyone how much he misses Maria. We’re not sure if she misses him… it’s going to be awkward if she doesn’t.

In typical Ebuka fashion, he knew how to drag out our tension – it felt like ages before we found out who the first Evicted Housemate was. Ebuka decided to shake a table and ask Yousef to “talk about Angel.” After he said that they have good conversations, Ebuka informed Yousef that Friday night “looked more like a conversation.” Cheeky!

It was then time to announce the first Evicted Housemate for the night – Jaypaul. During his earlier Diary Session, Jaypaul told Biggie that simply being in the Big Brother House was “the biggest opportunity” he has ever had, and that it has boosted his confidence “to the rooftop”. We hope that confidence follows him out of the House. During an emotional goodbye, a disappointed Saskay gave him a kiss goodbye. Not letting his Eviction get him down, Jaypaul used his exit to shout some encouragement to the remaining Housemates – that’s classy.

After being invited onstage for his exit interview with Ebuka, Jaypaul said, “I’m grateful for every opportunity.” On the subject of Cross, he said that he holds no animosity for him and his feelings for Saskay, because he was able to empathise with him. Discussing the future, Jaypaul said he would love to work in television as well as go back to film school – that’s quite a full plate he’s dished up for himself.

Then our agony was put on blast again, as Ebuka returned to the Housemates – just for a chat. Like they and us didn’t want to know who else was getting Evicted! He asked Cross to talk to him about Queen: “as you can see, Queen is a very pretty lady. I like her energy.” Finally, Cross gave a straight answer. Queen – obviously – was asked to discuss Whitemoney: “he’s been a very good friend to me.” She also called him an “acting boyfriend”. She struggled to explain what, exactly, she meant by that.

But it was never going to stay purely conversational, though. Inevitably, that table-shaker extraordinaire was going to send another Housemate packing, and when that time came, it was the turn of Jackie B to leave through the door she first entered seven weeks ago.

Earlier, Jackie B told Big Brother that she had been looking forward to the Live Eviction Show, because she had never been Nominated before, and she wanted “to experience the scary part of being Nominated”. Well, now she’s experienced it, and she won’t, again. We wonder if she’s still excited.

Chatting to Ebuka, she said her experience in the House “has been amazing”. When pressed about her feelings on Whitemoney, she said he gave her “daddy vibes”, prompting Ebuka to ask her if she had “daddyzoned him. When asked if she would be open to pursuing Michael outside the House, she wasted no time in saying “yes!” Regarding her future, she – like Jaypaul – expressed an interest in working in the entertainment industry.

After that, there was just enough time for Ebuka to give the Housemates a little bit of advice. “Make sure you enjoy yourselves.” Simple advice, simply given.

And that was all she wrote! Eleven Housemates are left – soon, the number of Housemates will start dropping into the single digits, and we can’t wait to see how the Housemates start to throw down some serious gameplay! Shine Ya Eye!

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