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Adebola Williams Dedicates New Book “African Power Girls” to Goddaugters for International Day of the Girl Child

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To celebrate International Day of the Girl Child, Media Entrepreneur Adebola Williams has released a book dedicated to his Goddaughters Elaina Acha, Farrah Lewis and Grace Amure, about great African Women.

The idea to write the new book, titled “African Power Girls“, was born four years ago, after he searched for a book on Great African Women to gift his God Daughters, but couldn’t find one.

Debola shared the book’s cover on social media, alongside a #MondayMorningMotivation caption that read:

#MondayMusings About four years ago I was looking to gift my Goddaughters a book on great African women.

I wanted a storybook that I could read to them seeding greatness, breaking stereotypes the world will force on them even before they became aware of it. I wanted them to know they came from a line of women who didn’t need permission to take space and BEcome. I searched desperately from Lagos to Johannesburg with no luck so I wrote one @africanpowergirls!

Happy International Day of the Girl Child friends!!!
Today say a kind word of power to a girl child, make a commitment to fund girl child education, agree to that request from a group that’s focused on building up girls. Share our cover and use this message to remind our girls they have power just like those before them. Book your copies of #AfricanPowerGirls (AfricanPowerGirls AT ) and receive the first copies next week. Follow @africanpowergirls for all the announcements.
Invest in a girl today!

And if you can’t find that service you need, create it yourself! Many books are waiting to be written, ideas to be manifested. Don’t wait four years like me, do it now!
#MondayMorningMotivation. Thanks, @johneejay for the brilliantly done illustrations.

Debola further shared another post on social media with a message for his goddaughters. Read the statement below:

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