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Accion Microfinance Bank is set to hold its 4th Financial Inclusion Seminar | December 8th



As part of its unwavering commitment to creating value in the Nigerian financial services industry, Accion Microfinance Bank has announced the date for its 4th Financial Inclusion Webinar.

The Financial Inclusion series, in its 4th season, have brought together seasoned professionals, policymakers, industry experts, and stakeholders to share ideas and proffer expert insights on the financial systems in Nigeria and across the globe, focusing on the successes, improvements and future of financial inclusion in developing economies.

In an official statement released on its official website, Accion MfB announced that this year’s edition would hold virtually on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. In the same vein, the statement read that guest speaker and expert panelists will discuss around the theme: The Future of Microfinance Banking: Any existential threat? with key focus on how well MFI’s have performed in Nigeria as well as their digital journey and footprint in the financial landscape.

The series provides an opportunity for finance professionals and enthusiasts to interact with an experienced selection of speakers and panelists in an interactive digital space.

This will enhance productive interaction and networking, with insights drawn from very practical sessions.

The event is free, but registration is required.  Please click HERE to register.

For more information, please call 07000222466 or send a mail to [email protected]


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