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Do you Know your Blue Band Spread? Here are 4 Easy ways You can Distinguish the Two Variants



Increasingly, zero-fat to low-fat foods has grown in demand by consumers all over the world. Due to this, innovative organizations are improving their product offerings to cater to varying consumer needs.

In much the same way, Upfield Foods, one of the leading plant-based consumer products companies in the world, has developed two unique variants of its delicious Blue Band spread to meet the different needs of its consumers.

Blue Band is a household name in Africa, being the most popular margarine brand in this part of the world. The product, which is plant-based and made from healthy vegetable oils, comes in two distinct variants, the Blue Band Original and the Blue Band Spread For Bread, each with unique benefits.

To make the shopping experience easier for you as a consumer, here is all you need to know about the Blue Band Original and the Spread for Bread variants, in order to make an informed decision on which option works best for your needs.

Knowing the difference

Pack Colour – Dark Blue vs Light Blue

To physically identify the two variants, know that they come in different colours. The Blue Band Original comes with a dark blue lid, with words like “Original” and “Medium Fat Spread” written on it. The Spread For Bread variant on the other hand comes with a light blue lid with words like “Low Fat Spread”, and “Spread for Bread” written on it.

Fat Content – Medium vs Low Fat

The two variants have different fat content for varying consumer needs and use. The Blue Band Original is a medium-fat spread while the Blue Band Spread For Bread is a low-fat spread. Fat is an important part of our daily diet and when you eat food with Blue Band you are sure to receive a good amount of what the body needs for your daily diet.

Product Use – Spreading vs Cooking

Blue Band Original is a multipurpose variant that can be used for all types of food occasions including spreading, cooking, and baking. The Blue Band Spread for Bread on the other hand has a lighter texture and is only suitable for spreading on bread, yam and on snacks like biscuits. It should not be used for cooking or baking.

Benefits of both Blue Band variants

Blue Band is made up of six good start vitamins (A, B1, B2, D, E, and Niacin) that deliver essential nutrients to the body, which are required for growth and development especially in children.

Now you know exactly which Blue Band variant to use for different food occasions for you and your family! Blue Band Spread for Bread has a light blue pack, is low-fat and used for spreading only. Blue Band Original has a dark blue pack, is medium-fat and used for all cooking, baking and spreading.

To know more about your delicious Blue Band and discover interesting recipes, visit @bluebandnigeria on Instagram and Facebook or the Blue Band Website

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