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International Toilet Day: Here is how Hypo Toilet Cleaner is helping to Improve Toilet Hygiene & Usage in Nigeria



As the International Toilet Day was being celebrated worldwide, the community of Okota in Lagos State played a host to the Hypo Toilet Cleaner team as they commissioned 3 public toilets refurbished to serve the people around that neighborhood and to register in their minds the importance of maintaining not only a clean toilet but also ensure it stays germ free.

Chidera Anele, Brand Manager, Hypo Toilet Cleaner, Balogun Omoyeni, Deputy Director, Sanitation Sevices Department, Lagos Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Iyabo Ojo, Nollywood Actress, Damilola Odeleke, Iya Oloja, Kiibati Mall, Okota during Hypo Toilet Rescue mission in commemoration of the World Toilet Day at Okota Lagos

The formal commissioning exercise was implemented with support from the Lagos Ministry of Environment and Water resources and few celebrities like Iyabo Ojo, Funny bone and the Iya Oloja of Kiibati Mall, Okota who were all present to lend credence to the event and further sensitize the public and passersby on the associated risks to improper use and poor maintenance of the Toilet.

The brand recognizes that when some people in a community lack safe toilets, everyone’s health becomes threatened. Poor sanitation contaminates drinking-water sources, rivers, beaches and food crops, spreading deadly diseases among the wider population. According to the World Health Organisation, (WHO), every minute a child dies because someone is not using the toilet.

Speaking at the event, the Brand Manager, Hypo Toilet Cleaner, Chidera Anele, said

“Two years back, we started an activity called Hypo Toilet Rescue because we recognise that thousands of Nigerians live with unclean toilets. We started this activity to go to different homes and upgrade their toilets. We do this free of charge. We go to these homes and look at the state of the toilet and we transform it. A lot of civil, maintenance and management work done in this regard.”

“This year alone, we have done over 50 toilet rescues. We intend to scale this up soon. Nigerians need more toilets but when the toilets we have are not properly managed, it is also a disaster, which is where the brand comes in, educating consumers about toilet hygiene and the need to use Toilet cleaners in place of detergents” Anele said.

It is important to take cognizance of the proper and effective way to clean the toilet because a lot of people think they can use detergent in cleaning their toilets. Whereas Detergents contain some cleaning agents but what they do is they reduce water density and help you remove dirt, but detergents are not proven to kill germs. Scientists say there are millions of bacteria in a toilet, so for a toilet, we all need to be very deliberate about what is used to clean them. Detergents are for clothes.

Representing the Lagos Ministry of Environment and Water resources was the Deputy Director, Sanitation Services Department, Balogun, she stated that the theme for the year 2021 World Toilet Day- Valuing Toilet “is a clarion call on all stakeholders to prioritize sanitation and hygiene, as this is the cheapest and easiest method of combating spread of diseases and control of other environmental crises”.

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