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Lush Hair Nigeria created an Experience to Remember at the Lagos Fashion Week 2021

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Lush Hair Nigeria sure took the fashion runway by storm when it demonstrated its respect for diversity and inclusivity during the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week 2021, embossing a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.


Lagos Fashion Week was an exciting time for the attendees, filled with high fashion, fun and excitement. The Lush Hair experience centre and flamboyantly decorated photo car stationed by the entrance of the hall attracted lots of guest celebrities taking turns to pose for beautiful pictures and video experiences. Lush ladies were onsite to offer goody bags to all guests.

The night remained a remarkable experience, from showcasing beautiful fashion collections to featuring colourful and mind-blowing creative hairstyles that synchronized well to accentuate the elegance and confidence of each model that took a walk down the runway.

Few renowned celebrities who visited Lush Hair experience centre, adorning Lush Brand-inspired outfits while looking all pink bright and shiny were; Shaffy Bello, Diadem, Linda Osifo, Denrele Edun and other social media and fashion influencers.

One of the major highlights of the show was when the Lush Hair models all stepped out majestically strutting the runway in a bright pink outfit and super creative hairstyles. Lush Hair demonstrated a deep sense of inclusivity when the models came out in their numbers breaking the barriers of age bracket, body size, complexion, gender, and race. The audience went wild when the brand Ambassador Denrele Edun appeared, taking an exclusive strut down the ramp. They all looked confident, radiant, and beautiful. 


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Speaking at the event, Ritambhara Kakkar, Lush Hair Brand Manager, said,

It is pleasing to see that Nigerians are beginning to appreciate the message we are projecting, which is, beauty is all-inclusive and diverse in nature. Through our unique products, colours and designs, Lush Hair is here to bring out the spark of spotlight in everyone irrespective of the gender, body size, skin tone, age bracket, race etc which have been displayed here tonight, we supply quality hair extensions suitable for all.

According to Sola Eden, a guest at the show said:

Lush Hair certainly has left a mark in the minds of the audience present here today with the successful implementation of inclusivity and diversity being displayed on Lagos Fashion week runway. Diversity is not only about welcoming and celebrating people from all types of backgrounds, it goes further to encapsulate a variety of traits and protected classes, including age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender/sexuality, and veteran status, which were all visibly demonstrated on the runway by the Lush Hair. 

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