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Catch up on the Vibrant ‘Dia de los Muertos’ Celebration Hosted by #VolcanTequilaLagos



Volcan de mi Tierra, the Ultra-Premium Mexican Tequila from Moet Hennessy, hosted a Día de los Muertos celebration for the first time in Lagos, Nigeria. The event was held on November 2, at the famous Pablo Nightclub, in commemoration of the historic Mexican tradition.

The event was a vibrant festival-like celebration and the set-up sparked joy. Guests were treated to an incredible experience area with beautiful tropical elements to represent the Mexican heritage. Guests included Lagos socialites, Tequila lovers, nightlife connoisseurs, and more.

Guests enjoyed Custom Volcan de mi Tierra cocktails on arrival, entertainment from Carnival dancers and Fire Breathers, as well as the designated artiste and DJ for the night.

Día de los Muertos a.k.a Day of the Dead is a famous tradition, native to Mexico but is now marked worldwide. Celebrated every year from November 1-2 to commemorate the lives of lost loved ones and celebrate the ones still living, as opposed to sadness/mourning. Volcan de mi Tierra marked this occasion to recognize the challenges of the past calendar year and celebrate the heart and zeal that is still evident in every Nigerian.

Volcan De Mi Tierra is located at the heart of Jalisco, and at the bottom of the Volcano called “tequila” which erupted and gave fertility to the soil of the Jalisco region, nourishing the terroirs and inspiring the community in the craft. Volcan de mi Tierra is a brand whose values are 100% Heart, 100% Craft, 100% Natural, and 100% Blend. They are dedicated to creating magical moments for a life lived and shared with the heart.

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