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Adeoye Fawaz wins the ‘Chess In Slum’ Chess & Mental Maths Competition | Read the Inspiring Story

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Just like many life-altering moments, the Chess in Slum initiative started with one man’s bright idea to change something. For Tunde Onakoya, it was a group of children at Oshodi under-bridge who could not see life beyond what the bridge had to offer, which is mostly limited to crime, begging for alms and other vices that should not befall young children.

We spoke to Tunde sometime ago about his work. Click here to read the inspiring piece.

Tunde exposed the fact that the concept of an “area boy” is based on individuals with limited opportunities. He rallied 51 children who showed enthusiasm to learn, engaging them in the art of playing chess and exercising their minds with mental mathematics. The result was a chess championship held in the known slums of Oshodi under-bridge.

The participants were styled in Ankara fabric, complete with a cap and matching shoes. They had a grand entry for the event, walking into the scene amidst the excitement of their peers, family and onlookers.

Each championship category aimed at testing the thinking process of the children by applying mental skills to solve problems. At the end of the event, 18-year-old, Adeoye Fawaz emerged victorious at both the chess and mental maths contests.

Here’s Tunde Onakoya’s narration of events

We applaud the work Tunde Onakoya is doing with Chess in Slums Africa and the lives he’s changing.


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