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Ronke Raji debuts New Podcast “If We Are Being Real” | Listen to Episode 1

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Lifestyle and beauty vlogger, Ronke Raji debuts a new podcast titled “If We Are Being Real“. It’s a mental health/self-development podcast unpacking all the real aspects of life.

Introducing the podcast on her blog, she writes;

I’m a strong believer in alignment, and my original release date for this mental health podcast was February 14th. However, the perfectionist in me kept working on the project, just as I have for almost a whole year. Coincidentally, I decided to release it today which happens to be February 2nd (2/22/22). When I investigated the importance of this day, I realized it signified the start of a new beginning. 222 is a number that is thought to represent the state of perfect balance. According to Carl Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist), it is the union of masculine and feminine principles. The meeting place between the conscious and subconscious mind. This podcast is a passion project, which means my heart and soul goes into this.

Read more about the podcast here.

In this first episode, Ronke Raji discusses some uncommon ways social media may affect one’s mental health. As a social media influencer/content creator this was the perfect first topic. She says, “Social media is such a HUGE part of our lives now, so if we’re being real, let’s talk about it”.

Listen to the podcast below:

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