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#BellaNaijaWeddings Weekly: Enjoy a Colourful Weekend With all the Features From This Week



Happy weekend, BellaNaija Weddings fam!

The weekend is always an amazing opportunity to let your hair down and catch some good fun and we’re here for it! You can already guess what is the ultimate fun for us on a beautiful Saturday like this. Yes, weddings! Celebrating love will always be number 1 for us.

In the spirit of celebrating love, we’re here with all the beautiful features we enjoy throughout the week, from love and weddings to everything in between. If you missed anything, now is the perfect time to catch up

Check out the rundown below and click on the title links for more on each story.

Enjoy a colourful weekend.

Wura & Tayo Went From Friend Zone to The Happy-Ever-After Zone!

It’s #WusCupofT! Take in the Feels of Wura & Tayo’s Yoruba Trad

From a Wedding to the DMs & Now Forever! See #TheStunnas2022 Igbo Trad

Take in all the Love & Thrill of Precious & Ekene’s Igbo Trad

From Instagram DMs To Forever – See #TheKades2022 Pre-wedding Shoot

Tracy & Paul Caught Feelings While Catching Flights!

Yinka & Olakunle Met at The Club – Now It’s #ADOL22!

A Snapchat Video, a Friend & iMessage Games Led to #TheSAwedding22

This Civil Wedding Shoot is a Perfect Blend of Class & Style

This Simple & Stunning Beauty Look is Perfect For Minimalist Brides

Civil Wedding on The Way? You Should Pin This Beauty Look!

Go Royal & Dazzle On Your Trad With This Beauty Look!

This Traditional Bridal Beauty Look is a Sweet Mix of Culture & Style

Stand Out On Your Yoruba Trad With This Flawless Beauty Look

E For Energy! This Bridal Squad Will Have You Smiling From Ear to Ear

This Groom & His Squad Totally Passed The Vibe Check!

The Beauty of Friendships! This Squad’s Wedding Prep Will Make Your Day

Love is Beautiful! This Couple’s Sweet Video is Yet Another Proof

A Pleasant Surprise! This Groom’s Wedding Gift to His Bride Will Make You Smile

For The Culture! This Kalabari Bride & Her Moves Will Make Your Day

This Bridesmaid & Groomsman’s Entrance is The Perfect Mood Booster

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