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It’s #BeautyandTheBeard! Kofo & Calton’s Love Story Leads To Happily Ever After

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If a “match made in heaven” was a book, then it will definitely have Kofo and Calton’s names written all over it. Yes, we know scientists say opposites attract. However, Kofo and Calton defied this scientific fact. In their case, it was indeed their similarities that drew them closer.

The sweethearts met through a mutual friend in 2015 and we are so thrilled with their love story. Theirs has been a perfect mix of love, friendship, and certainty. Their pre-wedding photoshoot gives us a glimpse into the sweetness of their love. The bond between them is so evident in their heartwarming photos and we are absolutely rooting for them!

Check out the photos in their pre-wedding shoot below and enjoy their story alongside.

Their love story as shared by Kofo:

We met in October of 2015, through a mutual friend. We have a lot in common; both Catholics, went to the same university, both Capricorns, stylish and most importantly we had the same values.

It was a no-brainer that we would end up being together and even getting married. We’ve had some really beautiful moments I must say. But one that’s most memorable has to be our very first date at the movies

We went to see “Sicario’ and his phone rang. I saw “purest love” calling. I was already fuming. What made me more worried was that the phone kept ringing. After some minutes, just to pull me out of my misery he whispered, “it’s my mom calling”.

I can’t quantify the relief haha! Let’s just say I have my own pet name now (sweets) and I am married to my best friend.


Bride @klouise.o
Groom @sircalton
Makeup @bywesleydonald
Planner @eventfinesse
Photography @awgzzz @awgz.married

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